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Impact of Globalization in The Life of Society, Nation and State

Impact of Globalization in the life of society, nation and state.

Today’s era of globalization is a reality that must be faced by every nation and country, including Indonesia. The process of interaction and mutual influence, even friction between the interests of the nation is fast and covers the increasingly complex problems. State’s territorial boundaries is no longer a barrier for the interests of each nation and state. In the economic field there is competition is getting tighter, so that further complicate the position of poor countries. Meanwhile, in the political, social, cultural, and defense and security there is also a shift in values. For example, globalization in politics, it appears that democracy and human rights has been made by the international community to determine whether the country is considered as a civilized country or not.
Globalisai derived from the globe, meaning the ball over the world. Globalization means that something matters relating to the international world, or the whole nature of the universe. The meaning of globalization according to Big Indonesian Dictionary is the process of entry into the scope of the world. The process of inclusion of various things such as issues, events, activities or attitudes so that the world opinion. Examples of forest fires that cause smog and global impact. Sartono Kartodirjo argue that the globalization process merupak actual historical phenomenon that has existed since prehistoric times.
World historical events that enhance the process of globalization, among others:
European Expansion with navigation and trade.
Industrial revolution that encourages the search market industrial products.
Growth of colonialism and imperialism.
The growth of capitalism.
During the Post-World War II meningkatlah telecommunications and transport jet engine.
The importance of Globalisation for Indonesia
Globalization has significance for the Indonesian people who are building that is by taking advantage of-kamajuan progress that has been achieved by a nation or other nations, to be implemented in Indonesia. Indonesia should only take advances from the positive side, whether it is progress in the economic, political, social, cultural, and technology. For that Pancasila values should we use as a filter of value taken, because the values of Pancasila in accordance with the circumstances of the Indonesian nation. Five Principles derived from religion and customs were excavated from Indonesia. If you take a thing or goods originating from abroad, but not according to the values of Pancasila, then there is the blurred identity of the Indonesian nation. Something modern is necessary but should not remove the values that are rooted in the Indonesian nation.
As a member of the world community, Indonesia certainly can not and will not isolate itself from the international association. If self-isolation that happens, it can be ascertained Indonesia will not be able to meet their own needs. This means nothing else that happens in international relations so-called mutual relations and interdependence between the country to other countries. Globalization is often portrayed as an economic phenomenon, characterized by the emergence of many multinational companies, which operate across state boundaries. This affects the production and dissemination of international labor. But in fact broader than that. Because besides the economy, also concerning the political, social and cultural. All fields was driven by the development of information and communication technology telahmampu increase the speed and scope of the relationship between people all over the world.
Which is still very actual examples is what happened some time ago in Yogyakarta, precisely the events of 27 May 2006, namely earthquakes. In an instant, what happened in Yogyakarta is directly knowable by all human beings who exist in this world. Another example is the struggle for world cup soccer or other sports. Almost all the eyes of the world can watch the game without having to come to the host country. From these few examples we know that globalization has actually penetrated into all areas of our lives.
Impact of Globalization on Various Community life
Now this growing globalization in a broad scale, and accelerated by the flow of information flows freely. Globalization has spread to various parts of the world. We can feel the characteristic that appears in front of us, including:
a). Solid Information
Currently, information is so important to the community. A bit of information left behind, as if out of date. The actual information, the latest is a yearning of many people. Does This causes people to compete using the internet services, etc..
b). A healthy Kompetiisi
Fashion and lifestyle characteristics of humans. As if the human race with life-style. Now many people dressed in various modes of the present, many different modes of dress depends on every corner of the market, many people eat Pila with various options, in cafes, fast food restaurants, etc..
c). Lancer communication
Today many products are practical means of communication so people easily accept, or submit any information to others. For example using a satellite dish to receive broadcast television easier than other countries. Using the phone to sail on television, so that when we speak as if in one room.
d). Openness
In this era of globalization, no longer something that is closed. All completely open, both in the field of politics, economics, social culture so that all measures taken by the government’s easy to know the community. Communities are free to provide a variety of comments. Not infrequently, the various comments that apart from the actual context. But in this open era, all have freedom of expression.

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