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In Today’s Society, is Discipline Dead?

This article discuss how parents are unable to discipline their children due to laws, new age practices, and the constant threat of "if you hit me, I’m going to call the police."

I remember when I was growing up, if I did something wrong, my parents disciplined me for it. Disciplinary weapon: belt or hand. Not to say this bluntly, but they tore my ass up[lol]. I don’t mean that they abused, but there were never any bruises on me. There’s a difference between spanking your child and beating your child.

Spanking: is when you discipline your child when he/she has done something that is beyond the point of scolding. The area where spanking is impacted is the tush or the top of the hand. A belt or hand is commonly used.

Beating: is when you use excessive force creating bruises upon your child or broken bones. The area where beating is impacted is any where on the child’s body. An object, such as extension cords, switch, fist, belt, rope, ruler, and etc, to cause unbearable pains to the child inform of teaching him/her a lesson.

That’s my definition of spanking and beating. Now, I understand that there are laws solely to protect the child from an abusive parent or a child that has been beaten. I respect that law because there are parents that beat their kids or use unnecessary force. However, for the parents that spank their children, these laws put them in a bind.

What laws am I referring to? [check your state :].

Then, you have new age theorist [no offense] who preach “Spanking is abuse. It’s a form of corporal punishment. Talk to your children. Be their friends and it’ll change their attitude because they know that you’re on their side.” (I’m assuming this is what they say). That may work for some parents; just like spanking or discipline may work for some parents. What upsets me is when a parent tries to discipline his/her child, the kid threatens to call the police because they know that the cops would take it seriously when he/she is crying wolf. Are you kidding me? So, to avoid that, the parent gives in. Now the kid act as if he/she is grown, does whatever he/she wants to do, and has a certain level of control over the parent. What is the parent to do then? What does the new age theorist recommends to be done? Nowadays, kids are having babies, the number of teenage crime has grown in numbers, teen deaths is high in numbers, teenages in prisons, and etc. Do you think that if they were disciplined by their parent their life would have been different? There’s a possibility. There’s parents out there that don’t give a 2¢ about their kids, but there are some parents who do.

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