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Internet Frauds Penalizing

Though in some decades ago the internet fraud cases were not treated as crime but now a days this is treated as cyber crime.This is to state that Internet Crime Complaint Center a project set up by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other organizations already received 300,000 complaints in California in the year 2010.So, you can imagine how much is the internet fraud these day.Also the total number of money that California residents lost on those year is 46.3 million dollars.

In the year 2011 the California Attorney General had created one “eCrime” unit to specially investigate these internet fraud cases.Internet fraud is not a crime which is a single case or a single crime.This is actually a long chain of crime that involves a lot of internet criminals who are spread-ed among the whole world irrespective of any country.

There are various kinds of internet fraud cases in which the people gets involved and lose their valuable money.These internet frauds are very active also in third world countries.The kinds of internet frauds are like below:

1. Various kinds of fraudulent schemes or in other words scams which are not legit and this kind of frauds are carried out by internet or email.

2.”Phishing” which is an internet fraud activities like acquiring the social security number or the Credit card number through a fraudulent way.

3. Accessing a personal computer without any permission or accessing computer data or personal data without any information

Examples of Popular Internet Fraud Through the Internet:

There is no limit to the number of internet fraud schemes.There are a thousands of internet fraud schemes and they run their fraud business in different ways.I am trying to describe some of the fraud schemes which will at least help you to recognize those internet schemes.

1. Non-Delivery Merchandise Fraud Schemes:

This kind of internet frauds will display their product advertises in some well established online shopping website like eBay and they will ask for direct wire transfer or some other kind of bank transfer like paypal transfer to a foreign bank.After completing your payment you will not be able to get your product back.

2. Internet Fraud Through Advance Payment:

This kind of frauds will display their ads through out the internet.Like they will advertise for different kinds of cars or apartments or furniture’s and the price that they will offer you will be very attractive and very low.Attracted by those prices the customers will contact that person as he or she will leave some email address.Then in return of that email address, the internet fraud will ask for advanced money.Like they will ask for 30% advanced money for booking.But actually this is a fraud service.In the long run you will not hear back from those advertisers.

3. Real Estate Payment Fraud:

There are some Real Estate Agent who work for renting or selling apartments online.They are real agents and they work for the companies.Because without proper license or location you will not be able to do this kind of business.

There are some internet frauds who contact with this type of agents and send a money much more than the actual amount required for the booking and then tell the agent to transfer the rest of the money to his another account.In support of this they tell that it will help him to transfer a money online with the same cost.

When the agent transfer the extra amount and try to withdraw the check received, he or she found that the check is fake.

4. Work From Home Scam:

There are a lot of work from home scams who offer some lump sum amount of money for entering the captcha or other data entry job.Their offer is like enter 500 captcha and get 1 USD.People get attracted by this kind of offer.When they enter 500 captacha they find that the amount is in their account.But when they try to withdraw it, the system shows a message that you will have to at least 10 USD to withdraw the amount.

Some people still stick with it and in return they get nothing.Some people stop the entry after not getting any money after 500 entry.

5.Online Lottery:

This kind of offer comes to your email inbox and this kind of email tells that you have own 10000 USD or any big amount.They also convince you with a large email.At the end they ask for your credit card information or any other valuable information.But in return you get nothing.

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