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Is Same-sex Marriage a Money Scam?

Let’s face it, being homosexual is trending. Sodom and Gomorrah has greeted the 21st century with a bouncy tip-toe through the tulips. With the Federal Government now poised to grant budget-busting marriage benefits to same-sex couples, one has to wonder if the issue is really just about money.

Everywhere we turn today, we are bombarded with propaganda shouting that religion is wrong and exploring gay emotions is right. Engaging in same-sex fornication is not only considered OK, but it is being broadcast to our kids on prime time television, in the movies and on the Internet. Our society is being conditioned to believe that anyone who denounces homosexual behavior is the deviant.

Homophobia is the word being bandied about. I do not get it. I have no fear of homosexuals. I feel that gay behavior is wrong, but I have no right, or even the desire, to judge other people. Especially if all they want is to be happy with each other. More power to them.

Just please…leave me out of it and leave my children out of it. I will never tell them that homosexuality is right. Flat out, it is anti-survival behavior. Anyone who wants to argue that point I simply refer to the birds and the bees.

“But what if one of your children told you they weregay? Would you disown them?” was the question asked of me in a bar the other night.

“Of course not,” I answered. “I will always love my children, no matter what. Their sexual preferences have no bearings on my feelings for them. Grand children would be nice, though.”

I don’t need to know anyone’s sexual preference. Keep it in the bedroom, please.

Personally, I cannot fathom the purpose of gay sex as being anything more than personal gratification. I welcome someone to provide an argument to change my mind on that. What societal purpose is served by homosexuality other than to eliminate DNA from the gene pool? Heterosexual marriage involves the same self gratification but with a key additional component: It leads to reproduction and the continuation of the species. The scientific evidence in incontrovertible: The purpose of sex is to reproduce.

Marriage has never been a requirement of reproduction. It will happen whether or not a priest or judge gives permission. Marriage solves property issues and stops wars because the government says your neighbor shouldn’t be banging your spouse. A marriage is about family, which the government encourages, and provides benefits and tax breaks to assist that family’s developmen.

It is against the law in the United States of America for a same-sex couple to produce a blood child of the marriage. A surrogate child is not a natural product of two same-sex partners. I do agree that such a child, born into a same-sex household, must have all of the same benefits available to any other child, including the trickle down financial assistance of marriage-tax exemptions, insurance and other benefits.

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