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Is Technology Dangerous, or Does It Provide a Way to Solve Our Problems?

An argumentative essay on the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Throughout history technology has helped the human race to progress in many fields of life. From the light bulb of Tomas Edison to the radio of Marconi, all serve the same purpose: to provide an alternate easier, safer and cheaper way of an otherwise arduous or impossible task. There are also some people who think that technology has done more harm than good. These kinds of people are obviously engulfed deep into the “captivity of negativity”.

Invention of the telephone by graham bell was a milestone in human history. In fact the communication system of the world today is mostly based on this invention. Now a day’s people across the globe can talk to each other while sitting in their homes. This makes their life easier because in the old days letters were sent which were received after a long time. Many multimillion dollar deals are also made possible over the phone through conference calls. This technology has helped save millions of lives. If someone is in an emergency he can just call 911 and an ambulance will be there in just 5 minutes. The police use radio frequencies to communicate between units at a crime scene. This enables them to coordinate more efficiently. Aircrafts use radio waves (RADAR) to find other aircrafts in the air so that they don’t collide with each other.

The internet is also a part of the communication system. It has infinite amount of knowledge is available to people all over the world. Websites like facebook and twitter have increased social networking between friends and colleagues. The internet can provide information about anything and people can learn many different skills through it.

However some people think the progress of telecommunication industry has caused different harmful effects like identity theft and stolen personal and credit card information and lack of privacy. The reason for all of this is the creation of malicious software like viruses and Trojans over the internet. Over the past decade certain measures have taken place to prevent these hazards. Antiviruses have been introduced to prevent these harmful effects. Websites use spam filter software to keep the malicious software out of the internet .Algorithms have been developed by computer engineers to provide security to most crucial servers like CIA and NSA servers.   So the overall effect of telecommunication technology is positive. 

Power generation is an important factor. All of the home appliances factories and industries solely depend on it to function. It is due to technology that we have developed different environment friendly methods to generate power like hydro power, tidal power, wind energy and solar energy. Different home electronic devices like microwaves, air conditioners and freezers make our life easier and provide solutions to our problems. Without these appliances our life would be different and very difficult. Without light bulbs we would use candles at night which have an age of only a week and without air conditioners it would be difficult to sleep in summer. Without machines it would be impossible to provide the needs of the growing population of the world. For example oil has to be refined at a large rate to cater the operation of automobiles and other oil dependant industries. Without technology this would be impossible.

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