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Is The Food You Eat Safe?

A look at GMO.

The fact is GMO food is not going away, well, unless governments stand up to Monsanto who are backed at all cost by the American government. This food has been deemed fit by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) although what a lot of people do not know is that there is in the words of Newspaper stories a swinging door for employees to move from the FDA to Monsanto and back again, the same for the other way round where Monsanto employees move to the FDA and back again, I also read that the devil himself (Donald Rumsfeld) was part of a subsidiary of Monsanto in 1977 and now hand picks the employees for the FDA… I know it is a bit off track but I seriously hope someone looks into Rumsfeld, he seems to have a hand in everything bad that goes on in America… Anyway back to topic, the easiest way to ask if you want to eat GMO food is… I grow a carrot that I put pesticides over to stop creepy crawlies eating it, then I grow a carrot with just water in a greenhouse to stop the creepy crawlies… When both were ripe which would you eat?
Released internal documents from Monsanto have shown that their own scientists are worried about the affect GMO’s have on us. In Scotland Monsanto paid a scientific research company to test their products, after the test a scientist did a television interview and said that ” It is very very unfair to use our fair citizens as guinea pigs” because in studies on rats showed that while not causing cancers (2 week study) they did have an adverse affect on cancerous cells, meaning they will grow and get worse. The man who gave the interview was unfortunately sacked from his job the next day, his boss got forced to take early retirement, which seems to happen to a lot of people who speak out about Monsanto but it is bigger than that because a few years later he was told by a high up person in his former company told him he was sacked after a phone call from Downing Street, no doubt Monsanto got onto the American government who got onto our government to get rid of the people who told the truth..Monsanto and their subsidiaries are a huge business and in my opinion do not care about people, they care about profits, in 1989 over a thousand people died and over 10,000 people were left disabled due to one of their products, of course being a big business, you pay them off and try your next product and see how many survive, In the research I have done, i found few independent scientists who think GMO is safe for human consumption mostly because of the toxic chemicals put in GMO and the fact that the human body cannot digest these toxins, so if you eat GMO the food may pass through you but the toxins are in your body for up to a month and you digestive system does not get any rest because it works 24 hours a day trying to figure out how to get rid of the toxins.
Some scientists will come out and say that within 3 – 7yrs of eating GMO foods you will get cancer, that statement cannot be corroborated but when you think of them toxins constantly in your body if you eat GMO’s a lot, then it has to at least make you unhealthy.
Monsanto GMO’s are patented so no one else can grow them, unfortunately for none GMO farmers this is another way Monsanto get their fields, the way they get the field is inhumane really but then again I have never thought they were part of the human race, what they do is, lets say you have two wheat farms next to each other, the wind blows GMO into the next field, then the second field has their patented wheat, so Monsanto threaten to sue and we all know farmers are struggling because of Monsanto’s grip on the food chain and rather than fight a food giant they sell up…. to Monsanto

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