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Is There a Moral Case for Slavery?

A discussion of why free “stuff” or services leads to slavery.

‘Of course not!’ You say. Now let us examine a few people who are making a moral case that some people should have to pay higher taxes because it is unfair that they have been successful. I’m not just saying that they pay more because they make more in the sense that if income taxes were 10% of what they made they would pay $100,000 on income of $1,000,000 while a person who made $10,000 would only pay $1,000 no I’m talking about the very real fact that a person who makes $1,000,000 pays somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 in taxes. At the same time the person who makes $10,000 probably pays somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 in taxes if he is single (which is sick in a way since this is poverty level {or barely above it} income in the USA [yes I know it is seemingly vast wealth outside of the USA]) and while I don’t hesitate to say everyone should pay something in taxes I can see a moral case for reserving to the poor a certain set aside on which they will not be taxed.

This is somewhat akin to the laws in the old testament regarding gleaning. In the common law of the bible land owners were to leave the corners and what they forgot as well as what was dropped in their field for the poor. Now they were not told to let the poor into the field before they harvested the field and they were not mandated to perform the harvest for the poor. For though God provides for the sparrow, as it were, He does not deliver their food to their nest but makes it available if they fly to where it is.

However taxes are not the worst area where people are making a moral case for slavery. Have you heard someone say that food, housing, or medical care are rights? If so you are hearing people make the moral case for slavery. ‘Impossible!’ You say. Yet that is exactly what must happen if the product of my labor or education becomes someone else’s right. For certainly if I’m a farmer and you are given free food someone must deprive me of my labor. The same is true of carpenters or doctors for free houses or free medical care.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone must pay for the bread you eat. If you don’t pay for the bread you eat then unless it was given to you by someone whose face you saw chances are that it was extracted by threat of force from the person who labored to make it. So consider well whether you wish to attempt to hold your neighbor as a slave. For if you do you may well find that your house falls down around your ears while you die of cancer or starvation. You know that slavery is immoral now do something to make sure that those who are making a moral case for slavery understand exactly what they are advocating.

Here is a video that illustrates what people who are advocating the government giving away free things are doing I hope you take time to watch and understand the case for free enterprise rather that redistribution.

© 2012 Vic Jones

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