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Isreal, an Interesting Country

My conversation with a lady from Isreal.

Got to talking to a professor at school. She teaches Hebrew. She’s from Isreal.

I told her about this poll I had read asking Americans this question: If you lived in Isreal, would you be more likely to die in a terrorist attack or a car accident. Most Americans said they thought it was a terrorist attack. Of course that’s false, Isrealis are far more likely to die in a car accident. It goes to show how distorted a view we get of Isreal from the American media.

She told me a few other interesting things. She said every day life is very safe in Isreal, much safer than in the United States. She said that security is tight in Israel. Almost every public place in Israel is like an airport in the United States. Bags are X-rayed in such common places like malls and restaurants. Israelis don’t mind they consider it a small price to pay for safety.

She also pointed out that not everyone in Israel is Jewish, there are many Christians there.

Some of what she said made me wish I lived in Isreal. Some of it made me glad I didn’t. All of it made me eagar to learn more.

Liked it
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