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Laden vs. USA

Laden VS USA has received negative reviews and is very controversial. The game has also been banned from two stores; one in Warrington, Cheshire, England and the other in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

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Laden VS USA (Chinese: 本·拉登世紀大挑戰:Laden VS USA; pinyin: Běn Lādēng shìjì dàtiǎozhàn; lit. Bin Laden’s Challenge of the Century) is a LCD handheld electronic game supposedly created by Chinese company Panyu Gaming Electronic Co. Ltd.. It is unknown if the company actually manufactured the game due to mass counterfeiting in China. Laden VS USA was also released in two different designs. The game is based on the 9/11 attacks and features pictures of the actual wreckage on the packaging. Laden VS USA also bears the marks of “Made in China” and “Ages 5 and Up” on the packaging. The game could be considered as one of many examples of the growing cultural and political impact among video games.

The game is supposedly manufactured by Chinese company Panyu Gaming Electronic Co. Ltd. located in Guangzhou, China.[2] Panyu Gaming Electronic used technology almost two decades old when creating the game.[2] Due to mass counterfeiting in China it is not certain whether the company actually created the game or is just the target of a corporate/political espionage. The video game also leads an important part of the history of video games as the first game to have 9/11 as the main plot device. The game was released in two models, the first being GM-026A-3 and the second GM-028A-3. The first model can also come with yellow or white buttons.[4][5] The game was also released with pictures of actual 9/11 wreckage on the packaging and pictures of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden on the console.[1] The packaging also bears the marks “Made in China” on the packaging, and is recommended for “Ages 5 and Up”.[2] Upon the game’s release it was unrated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

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