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Life of a Prostitute

Life of a prostitute… who must be blamed?

We all know that there are lots of prostitutes around. They are these individuals, regardless of gender, who are going out in the streets to sell flesh. Its sad to say that they are in this kind of job! We know that there are lots of possibilities and chances around. If we are just good enough in making use of our knowledge and skills, maybe these individuals will end up being entrepreneurs in the near future. But what are their reasons of setting themselves in danger and engaging in such kind of work? I have interviewed ten of them and they narrated the following reasons:

1.They wanted to earn money for their family: Most of those who went out in the streets are coming from poor families. Most are coming from far flung provinces and find their luck in the cities. They think that earning money in the city is just easy as eating peanut. Sad to say, they did not find other jobs that this. Even if they don’t want it, they have no choice but to go with the flow and mingle with other individuals who are fun of staying in the dark at night. Others are coming from poor families in squatters’ area who are even not able to eat three times a day.

2.They wanted to earn money for their personal ambitions: They told me that they wanted to have a big amount of money in a shorter span of time. They wanted a job which would let them earn thousands a day. They wanted to earn money to sustain their wants and buy everything they want.

3.They want to have some scapegoat of their problems: A number of prostitutes told me that they are engaging in such a kind of work because they are desperate, because they had broken hearts. Because of the intense pain that they feel inside, they express themselves through this kind of job. Others were having family problems such as having broken families.

4.They are sexually abused before: Most of them are desperate and are coming sexually aggressive because they were abused in their childhood or teenage years. Because they think that their lives are waste, they think that they are inferior. This is the reason why they just go with the flow and fearlessly and shamelessly go out and become night angels.

5.They earned no parental guidance: Two of them told me that they earn no parental guidance. In fact, their parents did not mind what they are doing every time they are out at home.

6.They are influenced by their peers: One basic reason they told me is that their friends are also prostitutes, and these friends were urging them to go with them.

Based on the above reasons, I could say that everything that goes outside of the house really starts from home. That parents must have to be broadminded and see to it that their children are following the right path of life. Also, life is a matter of personal choice! Children must have to behave well in and out of their homes and be able to weigh the outcomes of what they are planning to do.

Lives of prostitutes….who should be blamed?

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