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Looking Good in a String Bikini, a Dental Floss Bikini or a Thong Bikini

Looking Good in a String Bikini, a Dental Floss Bikini or a Thong Bikini.

The easiest way to look good and sexy in a bikini is to be born with it like Kim Kardashian. 

One of the most difficult ways to look good on the beach is to do it the way Heidi Montag did.  Go under the knife so many times that you look like a sculpted beauty.   People who get that much cosmetic surgery are almost addicted to it and often, no matter how good they look, if you walk up to them and ask them, they will say they still think they have hideous scars even though you don’t see any scars.

A more reasonable way to look good in your swimsuit is diet and exercise.    And even there, exercise is overrated.  Diet is pretty much the key to everything. 

Before going on a diet, try to establish a realistic body image.  Stop looking at high fashion runway models.  If a runway model looks like a boy with a wig on—why in the world would you want to look like that?

One of the best things about having Kim Kardashian considered as one of the world’s most beautiful women is that she is not skinny.  She has curves.  Most normal men would rather date Kim Kardashian over Paris Hilton any day.  Paris Hilton is an excellent clothes horse.  Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman.

Now that you have a more realistic body image, how would you get everything proportioned the way Kim has?  Realistically, you don’t.  Again, trying to look exactly like someone else is an unrealistic body image.  The best thing about Kim Kardashian is that she has a big booty.  So ladies with some junk in the trunk don’t have to obsess about it.  It’s not your problem area.  

What you want to concentrate on is the stomach area if you want to look good on the beach.

Again, diet is the key and the most important dietary concept is:  There is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar.

Read the labels of everything you buy in the grocery store.  If it has fructose or corn syrup in it, don’t buy it.  If sugar is the first ingredient listed on the label, don’t buy it.  Don’t buy, drink or even look at soda or soft drinks.

Eat more veggies and drink more water.

Walk at least 15 minutes a day.  30 minutes would be better.

That’s about it.  Sure there are more detailed instructions but those are the basic concepts.  Skip the donuts, eat the apple.  Very simple.  There must be some limit on the number apples you can eat…Oh, I know.  Stop right before you are full.  It’s easier to have fun walking around if you are not too full.



The Worlds’ Sexiest Woman

The World’s Most Beautiful Woman


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