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Love Monday or Hate Monday

Love monday or hate monday.

I Love Monday While everyone was busy doing their responsibilities, some say “I Hate Monday”, “Ihate Mondays”, “I’m lazy when it’s Monday.” OK, it’s all fine. It is the freedom of a person to like or dislike something. Including the day on Monday. But, the question arises, why should Monday? Why did not the other day? Is Monday so “sinful” so hated by many people? Is the Monday is always to make people not happy in life? There are many things that it actually makes decent people hate Mondays. Starting from the new tasksare piling up, a coworker who started annoying, boring routines that begin appearing on Monday, debt work week is also not finished until you find new people who spend a lot of energy has also appeared on Monday! Less any more reason to hate Mondays? After a long time I was so sorry to Monday. Whose fault? One of those who hate Mondays? One on Monday so his first day workingpeople? Or any of the work coming on Monday? There’s nothing wrong!

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