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Magic Johnson, 20 Years with HIV


The basketball superstar Magic Johnson, announced today, 20 years ago, he was infected with HIV and hoped to live long, a desire that is fulfilled, and with which he has tried to inspire thousands of people in this long journey.
Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, one of the best players in basketball history, announced at a press conference on November 7, 1991 that the AIDS virus was another challenge in his life, in which he clarified that he had developed AIDS disease.

Magic Johnson. Reuters / File
The star player of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Californian team who played 12 seasons and with whom he won five NBA titles, said: “life goes on and I’ll be a happy man.”
Twenty years later, the U.S. television networks and the sports press, remember his words and cite the example of overcoming.
Winner of five NBA titles and three years named best player of the tournament was retiring from basketball in a sweet moment of his career (which later rejoined), wanted to step into the arena to demystify a disease that still 1991 was taboo.
Johnson vowed to become a spokesman for the dangers of AIDS and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and urged people to take this threat seriously, to take action in their sex and tested.
The player did not disclose how at first believed that had been infected with the virus (shortly after he confessed that he caught for his “promiscuous heterosexual”) but said his wife, with whom he had married two months before, was not infected.
“Sometimes you do not give importance to the news in this sense and never think will happen to him. You think that only happens to gay and never oneself,” he said at the press conference. ”It can happen to anyone. What has happened to Magic Johnson. Everyone should be warned and be careful,” he said.
Johnson began making public appearances to speak before the world young people about HIV and AIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified as an example for patients to know that they can lead a normal life.
In the current Johnson is a successful businessman, has more than 125 cafes, a dozen cinemas, a restaurant chain and built several gyms throughout the U.S. and a turnover of approximately one billion dollars.
In a recent interview with the newspaper “L’Equipe”, Johnson said that “work is all” you love in life and remembering the anniversary said it was a difficult time but also “great” because it provided an opportunity to educate people about HIV and AIDS, adding: “I have helped save lives.”
According to the WHO currently 33.3 million people worldwide living with HIV, compared to 26.2 million in 1999, including 1.8 million in Latin America. 65 percent of cases are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa.
Born in Lansing (Michigan) on August 14, 1959, Johnson is the youngest of 12 children. His father, Earvin, was a carpenter during the week and worked as a dump during the weekend to support the family.
At 15 he was a basketball star in your area. He was skilled as a pivot and eaves.
With a height of 2.06 meters, played twelve seasons with the Lakers, with an average of 19.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 14.4 assists per game in nine finals and was the NBA leader in assists , in 9921.
After announcing his retirement in 1991 he returned to the basketball court a year later. In 1992 he was appointed to the National AIDS Commission and that same year participated in the Olympic Games in Barcelona and returned to retire.
Between 1993 and 1995, traveled extensively throughout the world as a player and especially as a fighter against AIDS.
In 1996, after four and a half year absence returned to play with Los Angeles Lakers, but three months after announcing his final retirement to become the great myth of the golden era of the NBA.

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