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Manifestations of a Blessing

A Mortgage Fraud Victim’s Point of View.

This week has run the gamut from self-imposed despair to revealing, once again, that there is always hope.  I realized a long time ago, that no matter what my husband and I have been faced with throughout our twenty-one years of marriage, we always manage to survive; we always are led to a way to get through those moments that seem insurmountable.  To not look at this as a constant working of God in our lives would be the tragedy.     

To truly understand why I look at this week as miraculous, you need to understand what the past seven years represents to me.  Seven years ago I was making a nice salary, my husband’s business was strong, our son had just married the woman of his dreams and we were slowly, but surely, recovering from the tragic loss that had occurred three short years earlier.  Seven years ago, we thought that our lives were moving in the right direction.  

In an instant, through first the attempted illegal foreclosure and then shortly thereafter, the discovery of the forgery to the mortgage, our lives took a tumble down a ladder that we had spent years trying to climb.  As a direct result of the burdens that were placed upon us for standing up against such a crime, I wavered in my ability to do my job.  I was very sensitive and as a tax assessor you need a very tough skin; mine was gone.  My mind was filled more with the drama that was unfolding in our lives.  I could not concentrate on dealing with a crooked township board and our lives as well.  So after years of training and climbing the “corporate ladder”; I had to walk away.  I not only had to walk away, I had to be good with it.  I had to understand that people were not going to understand.  The only thing that I had going for me at that time is that I walked away successful.  I did my job and I did it well; I just couldn’t take the pressure with everything else that was starting to transpire in my life.  I walked away one month before we would win an avoided mortgage.  I had hope; however, that was quickly dashed.

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