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‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man The First Holocaust’

Reflections on man’s inhumanity to man.

The world has reached the point where we cannot mention the Holocaust unless we support the Jewish State, right or wrong.  I must make it clear I am not anti-Semitic in any way.  In my youth I joined Jewish marches in London, to be honest when I arrived in England in 1947 if it was not for the Jewish people we could never have survived.  I am from the Caribbean and was looked upon as a black person.

The English people would not give me a job and nowhere to live.  After suffering for many months the only people who would employ us were the Jews of this country.  We used the ‘Lyons Corner House’ in Piccadilly Circus to shelter from the rain and the freezing cold.  To this we have to be grateful, I had many Jewish friends some I worked for and others I worked with.

I was one who went out of my way to join their political movements.  No one can accuse me of being anti-Semitic,  the Jews and the world are continuing to write about their sufferings and the death Camps of the Nazis, Hitlers final solution.  Six million Jews lost their lives in the most horrific deed of man to man therefore no man on earth should underestimate their suffering.  Yes it was an Holocaust one we should never hope to see again.

In the same manner we should remember there was a greater Holocaust which took place 200 years before, which left its legacy to the future generations.  So horrific was this Holocaust after 200yrs has passed the offspring of the people who suffered are still suffering to this day.

Yes 6 million Jewish people died, but at least 50 million Africans were taken from the length and breadth over the continent of Africa, with shackled hands and feet with yokes around their necks where the men were stripped and beaten into submission, the women were raped.  All were packed like sardines chained in the hold of the ship in different layers, lying in their faces, degraded in their filth.  Taken around the world to be treated like animals, shamed and degraded as they were sold in Public Auctions, in the Americas and the Caribbean.

These people were so humiliated until this day the humiliation continues.  It is understood the people who were taken from Africa ranged from children at 10yrs of age to adults of 40yrs , thereby removing from that continent the continuation of their development and their civilization.

The present day Caribbean people are still not much more than slaves, true they are no longer whipped although the shackles have been removed from their hands and feet, it still binds their minds, where the various islands have become play grounds for the rich and not so rich, where they go on their vacation as if going to a zoo.  

The German people have faced up to the evil which was perpetuated in their name and many of the murdererswere hunted down and brought to justice, by the Jews themselves, and there are still echoes of the War and the suffering they have undergone, yet the Africans and their descendants throughout the world have not been recompensed one iota for their suffering.  To the contrary the criminals from Europe who carried out the atrocities on the African people are in a state of constant denial, they continue until this day to justify slavery in its every form, and the black man has been turned into nations of non-entitys, incapable of looking after themselves. 

We are in a constant state of acceptance of our so called inferiority this prevents us from being honest with ourselves, disunited, pruned to building our own nest wherever we can, and not creating any foundation for the future well being of the people of Africa and African descent anywhere.

Those who operated the ‘Atlantic Slave Trade’ were all from Europe, guilty are the people of England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium , all these countries saw Africa which was shaped like a leg of ham, from Cape to Cairo, they all went in and sliced of their own parts,  so greedy was Britain she sliced of the most.  Even the European criminals who were first sent out to the Slave Colonies in the various states of America, after the final solution of the inhabitants of that country, maintained their evil in lynching and murdering black people right down to the middle of the 20th century, they too deny the black holocaust .

The Jews have been able to stand up for themselves and they are making sure what Hitler has done to them should never be forgotten, this I support 100%. 

We the black people when we raise our voices in remembrance of the suffering of our forefathers and the continued suffering of their offspring, either the excuse is made that was a long time ago, and we should forget. 

This is impossible when the exploiters of the world still continue to exploit us in every way, there are so many examples of the criminal actions which still continue to exist, one must just stop for a moment and think how evil these oppressors are, the wilful murder of Patrice Lumumba , the imprisonment and murders of African leaders who have fought against the tyranny.  It would be funny if it was not so evil how these monsters are able to find various names for these freedom fighters in order to dehumanise them, because in dehumanising them in the eyes of the world it seems to make it easier for the world to accept, not only the injustices, but the slaughter of innocent people. 

Have we forgotten when the people of Australia were killed by the thousands, they were called the ‘Cow Cows’ , the people of Kenya in their struggle they were called the ’Mow Mow.

One wonders today when we speak of ‘Al-Kieda’ and the danger they pose to the world, is this not another way of subjecting the nations of the world to the fallacy, that people who are fighting in their own countries to survive the effort for world domination by the Americans, is people who are fighting for the dignity of their own people.

I am disappointed, the state of affairs which lies between three brothers, Shem, Ham, and Jephite, the Hamites had their nose rubbed in the dust, and in the passage of time have seen their nation buried beneath the POWER OF GLOBALISATION .  

While Shem and Jephite continue to destroy each other, claiming they are fighting for the same territory.

We must not forget the Zionist state of Israel was created by Britain only in 1948, supported by the Americans.

We must also not forget, prior to the Zionist state, the Jews and the Palestinians lived side by side in harmony and love, but in an effort to destroy this harmony, and to sell our arms, we divide the unity of the people. Today they are at War with each other, and as usual we are selling arms to both sides, because what counts in the world today is money, which brings forward greed, and more greed, as Margaret Thatcher said when she was in power as Prime Minister in England, Greed is Good emphazising the fact that, only if you are greedy you will succeed in obtaining riches.

Mrs Thatchers son Mark proved beyond doubt the greed and envy which keeps the Africans in subjection, Remember him?  He had an Army well equipped on the way to a small African state which had oil, (BLACK GOLD) unfortunately they landed in Zimbabwe, Mugabe territory ex Southern Rhodesia where they were arrested, some were sent to Prison, while Margaret Thatcher herself had to spend thousands of pounds to keep him out of Prison.  Had he succeeded, him and his small Army of crooks, they would have overthrown the rightful Government and put in their own puppets who would dance on their string, enabling him to take over the oil revenue, and leave the people in the country to suffer more hunger and starvation, but of course this is done all over Africa by all the European countries who see this type of action is the usual course.

The Jews must remember their history, they have been persecuted, if history is right Moses had to lead them out of bondage from Egypt to the Promised Land, and throughout the ages they have been prosecuted by all the countries in Europe, including Great Britain, that persecution and hatred remains until this day.  They should not be the one to persecute others especially their own kit and kin.

As long as we continue to persecute, exploit, use every excuse to be at War with our brother human beings there will be no love and without love there is no future, its about time we learn our mistakes, see where we have gone wrong, and look forward to a better world. 

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