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Marvin Gaye’s Tribulations

Trials Forever.

Motown historical facts seems like tales, of creations that seems to hide many truth about any personnel connected to the old firm, of Berry Gordy. We hear most tales, of misconceptions concerning Marvin Gaye that rival the tales and truth concerning his former brother in law Berry Gordy.

Now, with people and fans alike aware that Denise Gordy is the mother, of Marvin Gaye III the niece, of Anna Gaye who was seventeen, at the time? It makes you wonder about the mystery , of the man conception, of morals that we deem acceptable in society.

When he was marry to Anna Gordy, he was eighteen years younger than her supposedly.  Even, when he was messing with his second wife Janis hunter, who was seventeen around the time they connected? You begin to ponder why anyone would be amazed that the man was attracted to her. At, 33 it seems logical probably to him to adore and love a teen since he had permission to father a child with Berry Gordy’s brother daughter.

Many times people write about his father odd behavior playing apart, of Gaye’s life. When it seems he was headed down a destructed path the moment he got connected to the Gordy’s. Sure, this is only an opinion but tracing the roots, of Berry Gordy heritage, as founder, of Motown you realize that the employees had more secrets to cover than exposed to the public. Hardly any former executives has wrote anything about their time, at Motown. Well, except for Raymona Singleton, one of many wives of Gordy exposing his affair with Diana Ross which many , with the company seems very aware of, at the time.

Berry Gordy story should be just as interesting than the movies they making about the late crooner Marvin Gaye but only, if Suzanne De Passe isn’t behind the production, of his life. After all, we know she was part, of his inner circle and is more likely to play with the truth  in similar ways she did, as producer behind the Temptations movie that contained more errors than truth dealing with the various members.

Notice, the many acts involved with Gordy’s family members like Marvin Gaye and Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Jermaine Jackson, and many others that you begin to ponder if anyone could have won a sexual harassment lawsuit if they have sued the company. So, during the seventies why was anyone surprised that Marvin Gaye became rebellious against the hierarchy within the executive branch.

So, as bad as many loves to paint David Ruffin in a bad light for questioning Berry Gordy about the royalties accounting, from the firm that some figure placed him in bad light with Gordy. It’s nothing compared to the truth that the founder, of Motown must have hidden that he never truly addressed in his book “To Be Loved” years ago.

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