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Microsoft CEO Filled by Executive of Qualcomm

Microsoft CEO filled by the " Executive of Qualcomm "

Microsoft keeps moving search for a charger position chief executive officer ( CEO ) to replace Steve Ballmer , who decided to retire .

Reuters news agency on Friday, December 13, 2013 , report , the giant software company that is considering a Chief Operating Officer ( COO ) Qualcomm , Steve Mollenkopf , as the new CEO .

For about the past four months , Microsoft is moving pick successor Ballmer . According to the source , Microsoft has considered the figure of technology company executives to figure undisclosed to the public .

Some time ago , it was widely wafts that the CEO of Ford Motor Co. . , Alan Mulally , who is also a close Ballmer , staying will fill the position of CEO of Microsoft .

Mulally track record are considered successful in saving Ford Motor mentioned into consideration .

Mulally addition , Microsoft also mentioned reviewing a technology executive from outside the company and two internal executives .

Brasília – O presidente Mundial da Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally, deixa o CCBB após encontro com o presidente Lula (Renato Araujo/ABr) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sources who know the rumor ’s hoping Microsoft chose a new CEO before the end of this year . Although the council committee established Microsoft given within 12 months from August 2013 , to find a replacement Ballmer .

Mulally admitted , so far only focused on his job and not really thinking of the rumors are blowing strong .

” I love serving Ford , ” Mulally said brief , dismissed speculation about it .

Meanwhile , Mollenkopf is a figure that is also located in Qualcomm ’s success . He joined the company from the U.S. nearly two decades , since 1994 . Mollenkopf at least meet the requirements put forward by the CEO of Microsoft founder , Bill Gates .

” The new CEO is capable of running a complex global business and are able to work with our best technical talent , ” Gates said Ballmer expressed qualified successor .

CEO -related rumors , Microsoft is still reluctant to say so far . Similar feelings were expressed by Qualcomm , the company chose to keep mum about the chances Mollenkopf .

Steve Ballmer (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

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