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Moral Ethics of Violence

In this article, I wrote about why people need to be taught to be violent.

We as people are constantly engaged in threat assessment.  When we look around, we evaluate people and things around us.  We use information get got from our development to classify something as threat or not a threat.

There was a time when grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and members of society told their children to watch out for black people.  The children who received these messages used them and passed them on to their children.

Today, I was reading an article in Law Enforcement Magazine on-line.  The author, a police trainer, was trying to make the point that we are all prejudice because we always prejudge people before we have any real information about the person.  This simplistic science in a law enforcement person is dangerous.

Prejudice means having an attitude against a person because of preconceived motions.  For example, believing all people from Mexico are lazy.  Assessing our environment for threats is not being prejudice.  This assessment behavior is a natural behavior that serves us by keeping us safe.

It is not a gift from evolution.  In linked In, someone posted a forum item concerned with if we are hard wired to be racist. 

We did not acquire a biological function through generational experience that became coded in our DNA that leads us to be racist or prejudice.  Behavior is learned and we have the advantage of being thinkers.

I know scientist want to give the impression people were born gay or alcoholic.  Most studies that deal with genetic influences on behavior usually find someone who has the gene in question but does not exhibit the behaviors that others with that same gene in their DNA. Many scientists attempt to explain this discrepancy by stating that the person who does not behave like others was taught to behave differently.

Okay, I have to ask.  Why can these scientists give experience credit in the discrepancy but not acknowledge that behavior is due to what a person learns through experiences?

I was watching a documentary on anger, rage, and violence.  The subjects of the investigation were people who were almost always agitated and desired to harm others.  The scientists in the documentary did their DNA studies and supposedly found the gene responsible for this personality type.

However, there was one person in the study who had the gene but was not filled with rage and desired to harm others.  Again, these scientists explained that the difference was due to experience.

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