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Mother’s of Teens Lost to Gun Violence

Valarie Warner’s show about violence was in two parts. This part showcased the parents of victims………

There is nothing more heart breaking as seeing a Mother and a good mother at that, lose her son or daughter to Gun Violence.  Chicago remembers all too well the Shooting Death of Blair Holt in 2007 as he rode the bus home from school.  When the gun man (who was also a teenager) approached the bus to shoot, Blair shielded the girl with him so that she wouldn’t get hit.  He in return was killed.  In his last moments of life let’s consider his act Heroic.  His mother Annette spoke of him in Church one day.  To me, she was the saddest woman I had ever seen, so broken, so fragile, allowing us to pray and support her.  Mr. and Mrs. Holt are people with High Ranking Jobs for the City, they were good parents that provided a son with all that he wanted and needed.  He would also go to his Grandparents store many times after school to help them out.  He was a well-rounded Student, interesting in music.  He was also very well dressed.  He was a Chicago young man, taught values, imperfect like all the rest. He was just trying to live his life.  In one account of the Mother’s angst was their cat and how she knew this animal sensed that Blair was gone because the cat sounded mournful and sat amongst Blair’s shoes.

There was also a woman whose son was killed on the Church grounds, taken back in and died in the ambulance on his way to the Hospital.  His mother is suffering from “Survivors Guilt” that is to say that she wishes that she had ridden in the Ambulance with him and perhaps if she did, she could have prayed and he survived.  There was a panel of these women encompassing racial lines all with frightening stories of despair and all attesting to their “Survivors Guilt” and feeling that this is a reversal in life.  Parents are supposed to leave first.  All of them are more possessive of their remaining children now, which has to be hard on these young ones who want to live their lives and have fun too.  As Annette Holt said “I wish I had taken my son to school, because I think that if I did, he would have never been on the bus.  And then I think that I rode the bus as a teen and bottom line, this young man shouldn’t have had a gun”.  She also remembers the times in Court during the trial and during the sentence how uncaring and nonchalant the boy was, as well as his mother.  At one time, they even laughed and at sentencing he remarked about his sentencing something snide like “I’m cool”. 

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  1. TheColumnWriter

    On February 28, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    I am to the point where I dread listening to the news anymore. There never seems to be any good news. Gangs are a lot of it, but not all of it. At this point, even cops are getting shot. In Oakland, it seems almost daily somebody is getting shot, and the murder rate is ridiculous. What’s even more disgusting is young children are getting killed in the cross fire. It makes you wonder how we let tings get so bad in this country.

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