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Murder is Murder: Nypd Not Above The Law

"Kimani Gray" protesters march the streets in Brooklyn over the controversial murder of 16 year old Kamani Gray. "People saying no more, people are not going to accept murder at the hands of the police. They want justice for Kimani Gray and amnesty for everyone arrested in the protests," -

Kimani Gray

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There are a mass of people standing down the police at #BrooklynProtest. Looks like 50+ cops in front of them.


Gray was shot in a confrontation with NYPD on March 9th, 2013. The New York Police state that Mr. Gray was shot only after he pulled a gun on two plainclothes officers. Those plainclothes officers, fired multiple times. Leaving Gray with a total of 7 holes in the front and back of his body.Gray was shot seven times—in both the front and the back. Kimani did not fire once, but the gun he carried had a total of 4 bullets within it. 

Witnesses stories are a lot different than those stated by police: There never was a gun; Gray was running for his life when he was shot in the back; he was backing up, with his hands down in an nonthreatening gesture; the police never told him to freeze; shot and bleeding out on the sidewalk, he pleaded with the police not to kill him.

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The young boys family disputes the police account and has called for an independent investigation.

March 24th Protest

Many tweets by activist groups are flooding twitter. The gathering today in Brooklyn being hashtaged as #BrooklynProtest was smaller than some had hoped for. On a live news feed, some leave comments voicing their disappointment that locals were the minority of this gathering.

Police have made many arrests as protesters confront police in the streets.

Farah Louis, 30, said that the mood inside was one of sorrow. “People aren’t angry,” she said. “They’re looking for a way to move forward.”

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