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Ndaa S.1867 Signed Into Law by Obama

A further look at this National Defense Authorization Act makes US citizens worry that the US Government is acquiring the tools it needs to declare martial law.

Despite including reservations that President Obama supposedly had about approving NDAA S.1867 he passed it anyway. Does this mark the end of the Bill Of Rights that you and I as American citizens should have been able to rely upon? Does this signify a prelude to the deployment of occupational forces in the form of the US Army or foreign mercenaries under the command of US Army authority within the zone interior of the US? These are questions that need to be asked and must be answered. Unfortunately, those answers can only come from how this legislation is implemented in the future.

We can only determine how such a potentially oppressive bill enactment can be by the past administration of such far reaching actions by either the US or other foreign nations, or should I say dictatorships. The prospects honestly do not look encouraging.

But first, let me go back to President Obama, by the accounts of some analysts he was ready to sign the predecessor of this bill which was S.1253 which did contain such language that would have included US citizens as being among those who could be detained indefinitely along with terrorists, illegal aliens, and noncitizen residents. According to these sources it was only after the amendment of S.1253 had been redrafted into S.1867 that the President threatened to veto the measure. This S.1867 version included provisions 1031 and 1032 stating that US citizens would not be subject to indefinite detainment and all laws preceding the enactment of the new measure would remain unchanged just as they were before. You must not listen to the words of this president but do look at his actions as they will define who he really is and on which side of the issue he really stands!

The fact that President Obama threatened to veto this legislation was completely inconsistent with all the other oppressive legislation that he’s approved or supported in the last 3 years. I must admit that I was not in the least surprised that the President did indeed sign this bill into law. The fact that he voiced doubts about it is totally irrelevant because he passed it anyway. The fact that Obama did sign it into law and noted his problems regarding it only typifies his insistence not to take personal responsibility for this type of potentially damaging legislation. This was simply a political move on his part to ease the condemnation that he will suffer while falsely reassuring those that may still want to vote for him in 2012 that he’s really not such a bad a guy. As I’ve said over and over again. Do not listen to the words of this president judge him by his actions for he feels perfectly justified in misleading the people when attaining his agenda even if it is by deception!

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