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New Carseat Laws

Are they crazy or what?

Today i was reading about the new carseat laws that will be going into effect in 2014. I’m a mom of 5 children. One of my kids is 9 years old and weighs in at 37 pounds. She was a preemie before anyone judges. Anyways, all 3 of my youngest are in booster seat and my two oldest are 12 and 14, I’m not putting them in boosters. Anyways, i think the law is stupid and smart. Stupid because what 65 pound 9 year old wants to sit in a carseat or booster? And smart because it could save your childs life. When i was growing up, there were no carseat or seat belt requirements. I’m alive, but there also weren’t as many dumb nugget drivers out there either thinking they were the Dukes of Hazard!! Today whenever i drive down the road i always see someone on their cell phone or something and it makes me glad my kids are buckled up for safety. Back in my day, you didn’t have cell phones to distract you and people were more helpful and vigilant then. But, putting a child into a carseat/booster to have the combined weight of 65 pounds is absurd!

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I’m 105 maybe 110 pounds, and soon you’ll have to be a 100 pounds in order to be buckled regularly. I’d sure look nice going on 33 years and in a booster. Haha….just the thought is funny. Sometimes, i think a simple seatbelt is safer. But, not always. My kids will always make sure they’re buckled before i drive off. If not, we sit there until they are. No crying about it. But, my 5 year old weighs the same as my 9 and 7 year olds. So, most likely she’ll be in a regular seatbelt before long and they’ll still be in boosters giving their sizes.

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So, buckle up people! It’s not rocket science. Use your brain and if your child is huge for their age, see what you can use to keep them safer.

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