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Nudism: Exhibitionism or Philosophy of Life?

What do you think of nudism?

The famed tolerance or more likely the lack of laws in this regard has resulted in the town of Brattleboro In Vermont, is besieged by nudists. The inhabitants are ARCISTUFI to see kids walking the streets of both sexes completely naked, and asked the authorities to take counter-measures against this fashion.
Everything seems to have started a few months ago when a girl sitting on a bench in the park took off all their clothes. Another woman has been imitated remain topless. To Brattleboro, which has no laws against nudity, was the beginning of an invasion …

According to many people, this summer fashion is likely to damage the image of Brattleboro. “The guys are clearly causing the community, said Police Chief John Martin. This is a small but very open to ideas but everything has its limits. Nudists, however, defend their way of life. “It just an act of freedom, said a student of nineteen, Adhi Palar, do not consider being a naked act of a sexual nature.

What is Nudism or “Nature”

The “nudity” or “nature” is a philosophy of life that is based on a general concept of respect for natureOf which are part of both the acceptance of nudity, is the desire to be able to undress completely in places where you can establish close contact with the sun, earth, sea, mountains and vegetation. The practitioner believes that there is nothing to do with pornography or exhibitionism. Is based on a everything different assessment of his bodyThat the naturists to be devoid of parts that should be hidden. Walking, swimming, sunbathing with nothing on him there is no trace of complacency nor any veil of embarrassment.

Where to practice:

Currently the most extensive areas where you can practice in Australia, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway. In the United States there are, however, few public places reserved for nudists, while there are many private clubs where you can practice nudism.
In Italy There are several places where the practice allows for naturists to practice nudism, while in areas specifically designed for nudists in official form, ie through a ‘order of common, There are only two: Beach Capocotta, In the municipality of Rome, and a stretch of beach to Lido di Dante,in the province of Ravenna. In Italy the subscribers naturist organizations are about six thousand

What laws provide:

In Italy there is no law to define the practice of naturismBy three laws, there is a bill introduced in the House of Deputies by ‘Mr Sauro Turroni. There is also a Supreme Court ruling which states that If the performance of the nude on the beach ‘is not entirely composed of’ offense.

The articles of the Penal Code:

Art. 527 c.p. (Obscene acts) punishable with imprisonment from 3 months to 3 years “anyone in a public place or open or exposed to the public, performs indecent exposure”; art. 110 governs the competition for people in the crime.

Art. 726 c.p. regulates criminal contravention of acts contrary to public decency, punishing with imprisonment of up to a month or a fine up to 2,500 euros, “anyone in a public place or open or exposed to the public, acts contrary to public decency .

Art. 529 c.p. provides that, for the purposes of criminal law, the terms “obscene” acts and objects which, according to common sense, offend decency.

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