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Obama Complacency in Non-compliance on Immigration Strategy

Its what seems to be, that Obama depends on, not what is reality. His words are deliberately placed to have two, and three meanings depending on who is doing the listening. The smarter you are, the clearer his terminology becomes.

The highest court in the land struck down Three out of four immigration laws set forth by Arizona. Laws today.  It deals with illegal immigrants.  It would seem that this administration is apathetic to the immigration laws, which are already on the books as federal law, but Obama seems to simply ignore the laws of the land.

The left liberal community is on the Obama bandwagon when it comes to anything he wants to do.  The media will not even find it important enough to do a story on most of what Obama is doing. 

What this law says, is that when you stop a criminal, who has broken a law, you can ask for ID.  The liberals find this indecent.  According to the Opinion based news channel, MSNBC, all criminals should be let go if they are a person f color.  They also think, that anyone who argues the fact that they are even asked for ID is racists.

Anyone who enters this country illegally is a criminal.  Those who enter the right way are not.  Is this too simple to understand?  The American citizens are afraid for their lives.  People die every day at the hands of criminals who enter this country illegally and yet Obama doesn’t seem to worry about Americans, only criminals.

Obama has become an imperialist President. He does what he wants without regard to any rules.  His goal is to get those votes.  The left blame republicans, because that’s what they do no matter what.   Our borders are not protected; criminals are running free with out a care in the world because of a President who would rather gain the Hispanic vote, then protect the laws, and people of a free country.  If an American protects himself against an illegal criminal, they will surely go to prison, and yet, the criminals walk free without worry.  If we can remember one rule, “Illegal is a crime, and not a race,” Americans will be better off.  If Obama can remember he works for us, and decides to become a rogue President, then November will be his firing date. No matter how you sway, republican or Democrat, doing the right thing is always in every ones better interests.  Lets do the right thing in November and toss out all the bad, and walk in the new.

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