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Obama, King of Hypocrisy, Invades The King of Libya

In this article, I write about the hypocrisy of Obama considering his criticisms of George W. Bush.

Shall I remind Obama of his own words. I remember him saying that it was not America’s job to interfere in the internal politics of other nations. Obama highly criticized George W. Bush for spending a lot of money on wars that were not legitimate.

Now, we find Obama starting his own war with a nation that has not attacked America. Libya was having civil war troubles. A small majority were embolden by activities in nations around them and tried to manifest the same results by protesting against their government.

I have to say it. What hypocrisy on the part of Obama. He has betrayed his own rhetoric. Libya is not a strategic military partner nor a strategic economic partner. Their internal struggle is their internal struggle.

I see no reason why American resources and America lives should perish to solve the problems of Libya. In addition, I have a hard time believing that the people of Libya share the same the values as many Americans.

A lot has been said about freedom as being the fuel for demonstrations in Egypt and other areas that have led to governments being ousted by demonstrates. However, do the people of these areas believe in real freedom or just the freedom to impose Sharia law. I believe it was Putin of Russia who coined the phrase “a Russian style democracy”. What Islamic style democracy await the US once all these fallen nations get reconstituted?

Therefore, I have a lot of problems with Obama’s use of the military. Saddam Hussein was murdering people in Iraq left and right. However, Obama did not believe that America should of invaded Iraq. Obama had a lot to say about the cost of Afghanistan and Iraq war. Well, America is struggling to recover from a serious economic downturn and Obama is starting new military spending.

My point of view on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are well known by now. The Taliban was protecting Al Qaida and needed to be policed. Saddam invested greatly in biological and chemical weapons and under no circumstances could he be allowed to work in secret on who knows what and sell or give weapons to terrorist.

Libya is different. America has had problems with Libya. This fact is true. However, Qaddafi stopped being trouble for America along time ago.

Yes, I do believe Libya’s leadership sponsors terrorism. Iran sponsors terrorism. Is Obama planning to invade Iran?

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