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Obama=hero of The Criminal Mind

Par for the course, Obama has a plan that will go against honesty, and law biding citizens, will it work?

Obama warns Americans about his new strict gun control laws coming soon.  He will do what he does best and parade his cause around the United States as an advocate of his gun bans and laws.  What he wants to do, is see to it, that honest Americans don’t stand a chance against the common criminals.  The police wont stand a chance either.  So if he gets his way, the honorable will be forced to defend against the dishonorable with hand guns and rifles.  The criminals will have assault weapons with armor piercing bullets, so Americans will be sitting ducks in a bathtub.

The criminals are cheering the President on his latest move, his gun ban.  They now can walk among us without fear of us being able to fight back.  While we all have pea shooters, they will have bazooka’s.  Liberals first told the criminals where those without guns live drawing a map right toward these weaponless Americans, and now this.  “Three Cheers for Obama” they might say as they stand taller and have no more fear of retaliation.  Crime and liberals, perfect together.  While Cuomo, Governor of New York, is making a case against larger weapons against deer,m liberals like him forget about the criminals who do not follow laws of the land.  This is just another way of a liberal not only giving the crime element a second chance, but a running start.  If America does not fight back, we lose and crime will finally pay.  Mr Obama, you’ve done it again.

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