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One of The Best Naruto Fights Ever: Rock Lee vs. Gaara

Summary, Review, and Thoughts on Rock Lee vs. Gaara.

Rock Lee vs. Gaara

(AMV by andreybici93)

The Rock Lee vs. Gaara fight is not just one of the best fights in the Naruto series, but it’s definitely one of the best fights in manga/anime history. During the Chunin exams, in the first round of the tournament, Rock Lee fights Gaara, a ninja from the village of Sunagakure. With Rock Lee’s speed and specialty in taijutsu –techniques that are mainly focused on physical attacks, and Gaara’s capability to manipulate sand in order to protect himself, this battle was fated to be one of Kishimoto’s best Naruto fights.

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In the beginning of the fight, Rock Lee attacks Gaara with his quick taijutsu moves, but despite his speed, he fails to hit him because of Gaara’s animating sand defense techniques; It’s as if the sand gourd in his back has its own conscience, protecting Gaara from outside forces. After a series of Rock Lee’s attempts, Gaara uses his sand to attack Rock Lee, and the force hurts him a bit, but soon, he makes a keeps himself distant, jump-rolling away from Gaara then standing on top of the hand statues, he takes off his extremely-heavy ankle weights after his mentor Guy permits him to do so, and drops them from above, dramatically breaking the ground beneath him, shocking the spectators of the match and even Gaara himself.

Having his encumbrance removed multiplied his speed exponentially, and Gaara had a harder time reacting against his lightning-speed moves. The sand couldn’t keep up with his fast attacks. Rock Lee makes his first successful hit with a swift kick, wounding Gaara on the face while shocking the crowd and the viewers because we’ve never seen Gaara, the seemingly invulnerable antagonist, get hurt before. Then Rock Lee attacks Gaara with one of his signature moves –”The Lotus”, a move that hurts Gaara temporarily; however, he manages to recover, and he releases the “beast” inside of him, using sand powers that are more powerful than before. He becomes more offensive, and attacks Rock Lee with waves and waves of sands that could keep up with Rock Lee’s speed. Rock Lee shows signs of fatigue as he tries to escape Gaara’s sands. But after Rock Lee opens his “chakra gates”, he unleashes a fury like no other. It reminds me of Goku first turning into a  “Super-saiyan” in Dragonball Z.  After he beats up Gaara with powerful blows that sends him flying back-and-forth in the air, he takes advantage of the power with his “Lotus” technique, breaking Gaara’s gourd. However, the attack didn’t finish Gaara completely. Before Rock Lee could recover from the side effects of opening the chakra gates, Gaara takes advantage of the opening and crushes his left arm and left leg with his “Desert Coffin” technique.

Hands down, this is a fight to remember. It was as if Kishimoto designed both characters just to set up this fight; as if they’re meant for each other. A highly trained ninja who specializes in taijutsu fighting a ninja with raw power and ultimate defense, is a spectacle worth seeing even if you don’t like reading or watching Naruto.

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