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Outcrop Murderer Confessing Details of Canadian Businessman

Marcia Vazquez Rijos and Jose Ferrer Sosa helped plan the death of Canadian businessman Adam Joel Anhang and would not receive collection letters from Alex "El Loco" Pabon Colon, who tried vainly to get paid the $ three million he promised to change to commit murder, according to documents in the hands of federal authorities.

On September 22, phone records indicate that called Aurea Anhang several times and convinced him to go to dinner that night to reach agreements on divorce.

Aurea Vazquez Rijos, his sister Marcia and groom of this, Joseph, were accused of conspiring to murder her husband custom Aurea in events of September 22, 2005 in Old San Juan.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Marcia and Joseph will be transferred from the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC, for its acronym in English) of Guaynabo to the Federal Court, in Hato Rey, to appear before Judge Bruce McGiverin to preview both. For Marcia, also see the bail hearing.

The three were arrested on 30 June, but Aurea was arrested at Barajas airport in Madrid, Spain, after traveling to Italy, where he lived since he moved in 2008, shortly before a grand jury the accused.

According to the affidavit of the agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English) who investigated the case, Pabon Colon was contacted by authorities in April 2008, and was then voluntarily confessed that he murdered and Anhang who planned the crime were Aurea, Marcia and Joseph.

Initially, Marcia and Joseph Pabon told Columbus that Aurea had problems with her husband, who allegedly mistreated. Then, according to Pabon Colon told the agent signing the affidavit, Aurea met in the business of it, Pink Skirt, which was operated by Marcia and Joseph. At one point, Joseph said he wanted to “take care of the problem” and offered him $ 2 million. Then, the four met and maintained telephone contact.

The September 21, 2005, all met in Pink Skirt, and confessed Pabon Colon, had the impression that they wanted Aurea, Marcia and Joseph was to give him a beating to the employer. Then they were all on the bus Aurea white Porsche Cayenne to another business, where Aurea said he wanted to murder him and offered him a check to buy a gun, but Pabon Columbus would not accept a check. According to the admission of Pabon Colon, Joseph told Aurea that offered $ 3 million and he did. Then the woman told him that the next day would park in the garage and to “do what he had to do.”

On September 22, phone records indicate that called Aurea Anhang several times and convinced him to go to dinner that night to reach agreements on divorce. At 9:00 pm, Pabon Colon received a call from Jose, who told him he had to kill him that night because he thought Anhang filing for divorce the next day.

Given the little time I had, Pabon Colon could not get a gun, but stole a kitchen knife and gloves from a nearby restaurant and watched as Aurea and Anhang left a restaurant and walked to the parking lot. Pabon Colon simulated talking on a cellphone, when Aurea nodded his head to let him know that the man who was with her, was the person who was killed. He took a loose cobblestone and followed.

Pabon Colon Anhang approached him and asked for money. Anhang, he told the FBI agent, gave him a fist in the face and there was a struggle. Aurea Anhang shouted: “Run, baby, run” and Pabon Colon gave the cobblestone head several times. Then he took the knife and stabbed him repeatedly.

According to witnesses, Aurea watched a short distance and did not scream and tried to stop the attack on her husband. Pabon Colon dropped the knife and gave it to the paver by the head, but not so strong as to Anhang, because in previous conversations she said the incident had to be “real”.

Pabon Colon, who pleaded guilty to these facts and is awaiting sentencing, he fled to the neighborhood La Perla. Then he asked a friend to take him by car for the area where the incident occurred, in the corner of Moon and San Justo, to see if the injured had died.

The convicted today said Aurea sent several letters to collect the money, but they answered that they had no money. It was learned that the authorities have such missives.

The FBI tried to interview José Ferrer, but this Pabon said he knew because he had bought Colón controlled substances. He claimed not to remember anything about the 21 or September 22, 2005 and refused to take the polygraph test.

In the federal agent’s affidavit, indicated that Aurea “would not cooperate with the authorities regarding the murder of her husband,” and he fled to Italy to avoid cooperate or face possible charges against him. There remade his life and allegedly had twins, who now have four years.

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