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Over Population Growth Prevention Tips?

It is an article which give simple tips to prevent over population in a certain country.

      The population of the Philippines is approximately 101,833,938 as of 2011. That is why the House of Representatives and the Senate are still finalizing a bill for this matter, even small groups; associations are talking about this problem. 

      Rep.Edcel Lagman authored the most controversial bill the House Bill No. 96, also known as the proposed “Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010 (RH Bill), to minimize the population growth in the country Philippines.    In supporting this bill submitted by Representative Edcel Lagman. I will share to you my five ways to prevent over population in the country Philippines.


    I.      Spread awareness

  II.      Educate people

III.      Strict rules from government

 IV.      Birth control

 Couples must voluntarily limit or control the number of children.

   V.      More benefits for smaller families

       People must also be given opportunities, often through more education, by making people aware of the dangers of overpopulation and enabling people to take control of their own lives.

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