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Pakistan Nuclear Missile Test Could Infiltrate as Stealth Aircraft

Islamabad – Pakistan authorities re-testing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. This missile has the ability to “infiltrate” like a stealth aircraft.

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The missile, named Hatf-VII Babur has a distance range of up to 700 km. The advantage is that missiles, low-flying dead and able to reach all kinds of terrain so it can attack targets both at land and sea with a good degree of accuracy.

This missile capability to reach out to all kinds of terrain, making it more nimble and ableto evade radar. Similarly, as reported by Pakistan Today, Monday (09/17/2012)

Missile test conducted for the first time in 3 months, done using a missile launcher called ‘Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle’ (MLV). This tool is able to increase the Babur missile capability to reach targets accurately.

Late last June, Pakistan missiletest. Commencing no missile test 5 times in 6 weeks, due to competition with neighboring India, the first successful launch of Agni V missile which is claimed capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to parts of China.

Since independence from Britain in 1947 ago, India and Pakistan have fought three wars. Since 1998, each state has conducted a series of missile tests in order to demonstrate the capability of nuclear weapons each.

Analysis of the defense rate, India’s defense strategy focused on China. While Pakistan was concerned with its neighbors to the east, which is India.

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