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Petition Against Badger Cull in Uk

Forgive me for this extremely short and hastily written article but this is an emergency “mission of mercy”. Many of us here in the UK are concerned about government plans to set in motion a badger cull due to a major epidemic of bovine tuberculosis which is supposedly spread from the migration of badgers.

If it was a necessity then so be it, but the fact of the matter (as far as I can understand it) is that this cull is due purely to finance and not animal welfare!!


There is a cattle vaccine which can be used … which will cost the government money But the plain truth is that the government would rather allow landowners to go out into the woods just shooting at random or, worse, getting their dogs to hunt out the badgers … both of which would be free. 


We seem to waste so much money here in the UK on paying benefits to those people are don’t seem to be willing to help themselves – unemployed who won’t accept jobs when offered, single unmarried mothers, tax evaders, disability fraudsters, illegal immigrants etc and yet we seem to be prepared to murder thousands of badgers.


This weekend I received an email from my local animals sanctuary, Hillside, giving me a link to a government set up petition (thankfully there are still some MPs that cannot see this murder as justified!) so, for any of you that are interested in adding your name to the list here’s a link


If you add your name, do please send the link on, whether by email to friends or placing on Twitter, Facebook … whatever means you can find to get the message out there!!

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