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Political Infighting is a Road Map to an American Police State

This article is about how while politicians of both parties get us to fight with each other they are creating the chaos that will allow them to create a police state in America.

 Societies have fallen apart when the people have stopped managing their elected officials.  We would like to think that people could be honest and exercise their duties and responsibilities with good morality and good ethics.  However, we have seen many times, where politicians have betrayed the voters.

Life makes people adopt a bad attitude.  Many use this bad attitude to justify their apathy and lack of citizen involvement.

When elected officials are not watched they turn immoral and unethical.  This new status leads to policy initiatives that destabilize society.

Mexico is a perfect example of what becomes of a nation when the majority of the people signs off and desensitize themselves from the actions of their elected officials.  Municipal, County, State, and Federal bureaucrats and politicians start disregarding the public.  Then people have departments that do not work and government employees who abuse them.

It is true that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  When the people does not manage government employees and politicians, these employees and politicians start to harm and kill the people they are supposed to serve.

Look at American society today.  Name me one department of government of the US that you are satisfied with as a service provider.  My neighbor gets all my mail.  If I want to mail a letter, I have go to blue mail box because the mailman does not pick up out going mail at the mail box assigned to me.

This week I have been involved in communications with agents of the El Paso, Texas, Police Department.. Instead of treating me as the complainer, I am treated as the criminal.

This bad service and abusive service comes from an ideology.  Abusive politicians and government employees rationalize their behavior in order to justify their behavior.  As far as they are concerned, they have to be rude and violent because this is what we deserve.

If more people voted and stayed involved in the actions of their politicians and government employee’s government types would behave better.  Here in El Paso, Texas very few vote.  Less people pay attention to what their government employees, mayor, and city representative are doing.

I believe the same can be said for the US.  Not enough vote in this country.  Less pay close attention to what their government is up to in government.

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