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Poverty, Illiteracy & Unemployment~the Three Great Curse on India

I have tried to pen down the major problems that my country is facing..hope you will like it..:)

Poverty, illiteracy and unemployment have been the most threatening barrier towards the progress of India. Among these three, unemployment is the crying problem of the country. A larger number of employment leads to greater per capita income and likewise more the nation becomes literate, greater will be the thrust towards job vacancies. Consequently the question of unemployment becomes the most thought problem of the country.

The most prominent cause behind this factor in our country has been over population. The most definite curse for this is probably poverty and illiteracy. But, however, India has risen by leaps and bounds from its previously fallen state. The light of knowledge has dispelled the darkness of the ignorant masses. But besides this improvement the number of educated unemployed populations is also increasing day by day. This terrible factor has gripped the nation like never before. The main reason behind this is that our education pattern has not maintained enough rapport with the need of our country.

Initially the five year plans worked out a ratio among the public and the private sectors so as to distribute between them the load of employment that the country is facing. But with the advancement of time the private sectors laid more stress on profit and production than on labour and thereafter they became capitalistic. Other reasons also followed up. The government at the centre became more party oriented than nationalistic. Consequently the industries became top-heavy.  A large section of the employed was thrown out of their jobs. Soon strikes, lock-outs became more and more frequent across the country.

Soon the entire nation was suffering from the curse of unemployment. The families of the unemployed lot were left to their limited poor resources. On the other hand literacy drive, mushroom growth of universities and cheaper higher education began to create an increasing number bulk of educated unemployed youths. Many yojonas such as jawahar yojona, angari yojona etc were launched. But most of ended in fiasco as because no definite policy was followed in order to gain a benefit out of it. Therefore, the gap between employment opportunities and job seekers widened with the progress of time.

Looking at the present scenario it can be concluded that the only remedy for this problem is to bring about a change in the character of the country’s top political bosses. The reins of administration have to be tightened with immediate effect. Enough incentives should be introduced for self employment of the people. The non-government organizations can also contribute greatly towards the nation’s health. India has stepped into the computer and cyber world age for the last few years. But not enough considerations are taken into account in this regard. A large number of unemployed people can be into employed section by giving them basic computer education. This lag between unemployment and computers must given due consideration.

It is high time that the master plans are drawn sooner to bridge up the gap of unemployed. The autonomous local bodies should also keep a strict surveillance on the central and state financial bodies so as to look on to the fact that the proposed functions are carried out properly and there are no scams in regard to the nation’s wealth. The common people of the country, the ultimate beneficiaries of the nation should be legally authorized to take part in government functions. It is a truth known to all that he quinquennial elected parties are not above reproach. They rot and soon become corrupted on getting the cushion of ultimate power. Therefore a balance sheet between growing education and job opportunities needs to be constantly maintained in order to eradicate this severe problem that our country is facing tremendously.

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