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Preventive Measure Against Pollution


Pollution is a pressing health problem in many countries including the Philippines. It is a global concern. Due to pollution, the whole world is facing these problems:

1. Global warming from increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

2. Depletion of ozone layer due to emissions of some synthetic chemicals released into the atmosphere. 

3. Land degrargation caused by deforestation and soil erosion.

Measures to have clean air and prevent pollution include the following:

1. use unleaded gasoline

2. limit the burning fuel

3. walk or bike in short distance travel instead of a car

4. plant trees

5. be careful when using pesticides, aerosol sprays,epoxy and others

Measures against water pollution include the following:

1. Do not dump waste product into the rivers, streams, and other resources of water

2. Laws and ordinances regarding anti-dumping, and proper excreta disposal must be properly implemented and followed

3. Use detergents that are biodegradable and can be easily broken down in the environment

Measures against noise pollution include the following:

1. limit the period of exposure to noise

2. lower the volume of television, radio, stereo,and karaoke

3. wear hearing protectors when you cannot avoid loud noises

4. conduct an air-noise pollution campaign

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