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Pros of Nuclear Weapons

Originally I was against nuclear weapons, these are some of the points that changed my mind.


Recently I have been reading about the pros and cons of nuclear weapons. I know it is not a book or anything, but with as many research articles I have read it might as well be. Before I started my research I didn’t know much on the subject and just like most people my initial reaction was that nuclear weapons are bad. In fact after my research my conclusion completely flipped.

It is not pragmatic to get rid of nuclear weapons safely for anybody. First of all if one country were to give up their nuclear weapons then that would leave them vulnerable for other countries. No country with any sense would agree to get rid of the weapons that are guaranteeing them safety from the others weapons. Mutually assured destruction is a theory that prevents any government from using the weapons. If one country were to launch a nuke, the other country would nuke them back. If the country were to get rid of the weapons, then the other countries would know that there is no threat of being bombed back, therefore making the country vulnerable.

Lets say everyone agreed that vulnerability was not an issue and decided to get rid of there weapons. We would have nowhere to put them. Storing them on land would give ultimate power to the country that had them. Storing them in the ocean would result in the ocean becoming radioactive over time. If we launched them into space then they could potentially be detrimental to our atmosphere.

Nuclear weapons give nations political power. We are not talking about the power from nuclear energy; on the other hand, we are talking about the political power that comes from owning a nuclear weapon. “Nuclear weapons have evolved from their use as a military tool into that of a strictly political one. From an element in any conceivable war-fighting scenario into a kind of dormant deterrence, to be used essentially as an insurance policy against the dangers of the future.”- A View from Poland In today’s international political scenario, nuclear power is equated with political power. A country that owns nuclear weapons is feared and respected in the international circuit. Just look at Israel, they were at the bottom of the political food chain, until they took possession of nuclear weapons. Now they are influential.

So I started out thinking that nuclear weapons were bad. Now I think that the risk of getting rid of them is much too big to take. Sure, I would prefer that we never would have had them, but it is impossible to change that now. So, since we can’t get rid of them, and we can’t prevent them from being invented, then we must be able to accept them, and the benefits they provide.

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