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Psychology and Politics

In this article, I discuss the ideas a life dream and government.

Everybody has with in them the internal desire to live a life of love, peace, and joy. In addition, all people want what is good and decent. The idea of enjoying a life a person is completely in love with is absent in our society.

We have been told that we must have stuff. The stuff does not matter. We just have to have stuff, like every new version an IPAD for example.

However, people just yearn for a love, intimacy, romance, pleasure, and enjoyment. These are hard goals to achieve when we are isolating ourselves.

Yet, these ideas are our life’s quest whether we agree with them or not. That unsettling feeling that our life is not what we want is that our life is not one with the elements mentioned above.

The challenge is to live a life of pleasure and satisfaction in a world where we have to devote a lot of time just to earn enough to survive. Moreover, we cannot know what we were never taught.

Purity, righteousness, being good, being decent, politeness, and other great virtues are the thing of the past. Toady, we are suppose to be as vulgar as possible and as hateful as possible.

The yearning however, will not go away. Here we are frustrated that we are not at peace with the life we have built.

People ask why there needs to be small government, personal responsibility, and self reliance. The answer is that people cannot achieve their personal desires when they are spending most of there time working to get by in life. People need time to think and relax. People need the opportunities a free market enterprise system provides.

With in us there is a moral compass that identifies what is wrong and what is right. Most of us know that people who can work should work.

Then there is the brainwashing of people. If it is in all people to build a life they will enjoy and part of personal enjoyment in life is knowing that our neighbors follow basic moral principles, how can there be peace when government encourages dependency.

To achieve our heart’s content we have to be free to think and free to act. The resources we accumulate help us reach a life of personal comfort.

Knowing that our neighbors are not a threat to us also contribute to our personal enjoyment. It is hard to enjoy life when we are afraid to go out of the house. It is hard to accumulate resources, when they are constantly being taken from us.

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