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Rabble Rousing

How poweer hungry “leaders” incite mobs.

Think of Ancient Rome and the Rabble shouting “Give Us Barabbas!”  and you’ll be in proper viewing mode.

many power hungry types will use or create an issue so as to motivate the rabble.  We are seeing it, fairly clearly in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, where unemployed and childish people are encouraged to create chaos.  We also see it in  Western Nations.

I think many people are puzzled with the recent cry for ‘Reparations’ by Black communities  Apparently, certain persons, seeing a possible niche try to encourage Black Americans and others to ‘demand’ reparations.

The logic of the the argument escapes those who know history.

This call comes on the back of the failed ‘Back to Africa Movement’.   As many will recall, after the Earthquake in Haiti Senegal offered a home for those displaced.  The offer was ignored.  Haitians would have instantly grasped a ticket to America, France, England, but have no desire to ‘return’ to Africa.

A number of years ago, at the height of the ‘Black Power’ movement many trips to Africa at low rates were offered, few took them.  There was an attempt to do this in the Caribbean and it was abandoned as those in the Caribbean will sell their children to get to America or Canada but wouldn’t spend a $1.00 to go to Africa.

Yet Rabble Rousers, looking fo an issue will constantly unearth these two ‘issues’ hoping to gain a mob which believes there is something to ‘get’.

The ‘Tea Party’ was another attempt to entice the Rabble to join in a grab for power.  Repeating lies about America’s Black President in the hopes to provoke the quiet racism, they collapsed under their own hypocrisy.

When there is a real issue, an issue that can be logically stated and effects people then protests, of various kinds are launched with a very clear goal.  

The African National Congress, (ANC) existed many years before the end of Apartheid.  They had their views, their hierarchy, their positions, and were virtually a ‘government in waiting’ so that there was no chaos in the transition.

There was and is not ‘Government in Waiting’ in any of the ‘Arab Spring’ nations, which is why it is continual chaos. 

Chaos results when the Rabble is incited.

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