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Rapid Population Growth

The causes and effects of rapid global population growth.

Population growth is now a growing problem in countries around the world. Population growth is when the population grows very quickly in certain places of the world. The world’s population has been steadily growing over the years, and soon there won’t be enough resources for everyone.

Above is a graph which shows the population growth in percent according to the CIA fact book of 2006.

In most places in the world, the population rate has been growing, especially the poorer countries where the survival rate is lower, this can be because of, for instance in Africa, the lack of birth controls, and also because a woman will want to have more children if she knows that the chances of them dying are much higher than them living. Family planning aids are also much less. This may also contribute to why many people live in poverty. For poor families who live on farms, they may not be able afford labourers, so the children are born to provide these labouring needs. These families may also find that they need children to care for the parents to care for them when they are old.

Europe has a decreasing birth rate, because now that society has grown on, and women now have more equal rights as men, women’s sole job is no longer to produce children. Many women have jobs, and are in the same rank of society. Many couples do not want to have children as they cost a lot, and many people want to be rich, so would rather save the money. Many couples are DINKys(Dual Income No Kids) having two working people in the family could cause problems, as they probably need the two incomes to run the household, and therefore would not be able to take time of work to care for the children.

The Problems Caused by Population Growth

At this present time, we are already short of jobs, and desperately need them to support our families. When people cannot work, they take money from the government under a “Job seekers Fund” This is paid with money from people who work, and have a job.

In the poorer countries of the world, there will be large shortages of food, and many people will go hungry. Already in many places in the world there are large shortages of food, and water.

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