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Reality and Everyday Terror – Boston Marathon Bombing

A small op-ed on the Boston Marathon Bombing and how terrorism is not always Islam.

By now, you have probably heard about headlines regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing and the terrorist that planned it all out. The people of Boston want to see him hanged in the city center. They believe that with all the modern world’s security and border control, this could not happen again. They are wrong. That’s what they thought before the bombing as well.

What people nowadays don’t want to face, is reality. They try to live to relieve themselves in a pool of propaganda in news and advertisements. All they can think about is “everything’s going to be alright”, and unfortunately, that sickens me. Terrorism has become part of nearly every American’s life. They’d rather stay behind all the virtual world rather than face the reality that they live in. One day, everyone will realize that the world is not perfect and we can’t control what’s going on.

Americans believed the “War on Terror” is over following Osama Bin Laden’s death. However, that is not the case. Terrorists can originate from anywhere and modern “propaganda” has shown it’s only source is from Islamic countries. During the Boston Marathon, 2 brothers from war-torn Chechnya were suspected of planting the bombing and planning several more attacks. The brothers were from a part of Russia that wants independence and waged a civil war against mainland Russia.

They managed to escape to the US and began to practice extremism. Another example is Anders Breivik, which managed to kill roughly 80 people from a massive murder at Utoya Island and a car bombing which resulted in a few more deaths. Breivik was simply an extremist believing in white supremacy and wanted to eliminate multiculturalism in Norway. Many people can’t believe that this could happen and have decided to hide behind the arms of the government where it is believed to be safe.

There’s no way to stop terrorism, it’s a regular problem and will continue to be so which an increasing number of cyber-attacks and radical events. The only solution I can bring up now is: “Live with it”.

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