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Religion, The Government, and Contraception

This is a short article on the currently presented issue of government vs religious freedom.

Religion and the Government

   You see a lot in the news lately about how Obama is infringing on Religious Freedom with the law mandating that Catholic Business owner provide contraception care for their employees. Now when I first heard this, like many people, I jumped to the conclusion that we were somehow waging war on the Catholic Church. However, after I did some research and found what the law actually said, I quickly changed my mind. You see a lot today that leads you from conclusion to conclusion, especially with the Republican Primaries currently going on. Anything they can snatch at to try and get the backing of the people (as if they really needed it) they grab on to and won’t let go of. I personally like to think for myself, which is why I did some research into this.

   The law that was pushed through (from Congress) mandated that Religious business owners, of all types, must provide contraception care for their employees of different beliefs. What does this means? This means if your not a Catholic, but you work for a Catholic business, then contraceptive care should be available to you, through the insurance provider of that company. The rebuttal to this from the Catholic Church was that they didn’t care what you believe, they don’t believe in contraceptive care and therefor would not be forced to provide it. The Republic Parties if you have noticed have latched on to this and stated that it was impinging on religious freedom! That’s completely wrong to begin with, Catholic business’s are forcing their beliefs onto their employees whether they like or not, that’s an infringement on religious freedom! Of course there are a great many Americans who bought into this crap because as Americans, we don’t do research ourselves, we expect it to have already been done. Unfortunately that’s never the case and always turns around to bite us.

   I know that our votes don’t matter, and lot of people are coming to realize that. However, that does not mean that we should not be informed! The whole point behind the education system was to make sure that the people knew what the government was doing. Religious parties would prefer us not to know what’s going on. It makes things easier on them. Our fore-fathers had the fore sight to separate the church and state. They also had the fore sight to make that we were all educated so that we could understand what was going on from BOTH sides. This law should have never been an issue and the Government should of had our backing in this. Especially since 99% of all women use a contraceptive in their lifetime!

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