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Rh Bill

This is about the issue regarding the reproductive health bill.

What is RH Bill?, what does it mean, what is its scope, how do they come up with that bill, what are the limitations, why is it the most talked about issue, and why does the catholic church doesn’t agree with these bill. These are the questions that arise during the announcement of this bill.

Yes, many people were shocked about this bill, others were thrilled and others oppose. The Catholic church was the very first group who oppose the said bill. They say it as like killing the innocent child that’s suppose to be born. What exactly is the meaning of this bill. Reproductive Health Bill, is actually about helping couples to plan properly their family, giving them the appropriate knowledge regarding contraceptives  medicines that well aid them to be more cautious with the growth of their family. This bill is actually like the “ one child policy “ of china wherein, each couple is only allowed to have 1 child. And if it happens that they will have another, the government will mandate the execution of the fetus through abortion. This is why the Catholic church doesn’t agree to this bill. Because they believe that children are gift from GOD, and if it is from God the parent should take care of them and that the government should not meddle with this kind of matter for they are also under the rulings of GOD.

So, now that it has already pass the readings of the Senate as well as the Minority Board, it is know in the table of the president, waiting to be signed. Even though the church fail to depend their faith and principle, they don’t have any more choice but to follow it, once it has been signed by the president.  

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