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Role of Society in Research

Science has played a pivotal role in bringing our society to the current state. An issue on which our future depends.


Society many times uses examples of great scientists to encourage and attract children towards science. Sometimes, the imprint is almost as powerful as some of the religious figure. They can even become role model for many people.


In many cases, children are encourages to do science till Master’s level, but beyond that it seems that society interest in science tends to get lost. People opting for doctoral degrees are believed to be the ones who could not do anything else in their lives. Suddenly, the reputation takes a hit in certain cases. Efforts are made to dissuade them from making such a decision. It is believed that that more you learn, less you earn (A common joke in academia).
It is very paradoxical that society wants science but not scientists. This society-science relationship is something which needs more understanding. It is interesting to know that society tends to forget that main research is done by the researchers/scientists and dissuading people from becoming scientists means less amount of scientific research.
The question is why society has such a stance towards research/researchers? Is the society afraid of super-villain like the ones in the comics?

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