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Safe Future Investments in Natural Resources

The value of natural resources will continue to increase as many investments face an uncertain financial future. Even with future technological advances these resources will be expensive or impossible to replace. Environmental protection efforts now will reap rewards in the future.

In a pessimistic economic climate that has brought difficult times for many economies around the globe, many people are now thinking of ways to save money; and expect governments to do the same. Looking for ways to save money makes sense in many ways, but if doing things more cheaply is to the detriment of our environment and the conservation of our natural resources this could be a false economy.  In some ways this conservation may cost us more in the short term, but if we do not consider the effects of our actions on the natural environment then the costs that we incur in the future could be far greater.

The Value of Our Natural Treasures

I use the term ‘Natural Resources’ to refer to all goods and services that we use that come from our environment. Many will think of goods such as coal, oil and gas when they think of our natural resources, I also include services such as the pollination of fruit and vegetables and the distribution of water throughout the planet.  Our Natural Resources should be considered priceless, something that we should aim to conserve irrespective of cost. We rely on our environment for so much that I can only mention a few things here, we need our environment to generate the air we breathe, to pollinate many of our fruits and vegetables, we exploit natural resources and processes  to generate many of the things we use – such as in the fermentation of alcohol.  In order to fully appreciate how important the protection natural world is to the continued success of man it may be helpful for many if a financial could be put on these. Modern technology could perhaps take on many, if not all, of the roles of nature but this would come at a price.  Climate change may well leave many coastal areas uninhabitable, or least they will need to be guarded by increasing sophisticated and expensive flood defences. The economic value of our natural is a matter of considerable debate estimates range between and between.  In harsh economic terms it shows clearly that investment in the conservation of our natural resources is worthwhile.

Words of Encouragement

Increased environmentalism will lead to major changes in the lifestyles of many, and will need major investment to allow sustainable investment, but conserving our environment is not a bottomless pit from which we will reap no reward.  The rewards of a more environmentally conscious attitude will be for the benefit of everyone, and it is in the changing of sceptical attitudes that the greatest advances can be made. Our natural resources are vital, their value cannot be overestimated.  The time for action in their conservation is now.  Conservation is not something we can put on hold until we feel we are in a more stable situation financially, we must realise the value in taking affirmative action immediately.

English: Waterfalls are example for natural resources (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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