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Scientists Have Discovered What’s The Sex

Scientists seem to have found the answer to a question that grinds them ever since Charles Darwin: that is the purpose of sex?

Scientists have discovered what's the sex

Researchers are trying for centuries to understand why most animals reproduce by sex. asexual reproduction in which clones its own genetic material bodies, seems more logical , scientists say, because that animal does not need to seek a partner to seduce him, does not have to contend with competitors to get a partner and not likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease.Now, scientists seem to have discovered why, despite the advantages of asexual reproduction, most beings use sex for reproduction.

In a study published in the latest issue of the journal Science shows that animals use sex to reproduce, thus combining the genomes of two people, because this helps to reject harmful parasites.

New research in support of evolutionary theory that claims that by combining the genomes of two animals are the offspring conceived with a genetic code again , allowing a better resistance to attack.Thus, animals continue to remain a step ahead of parasites that are constantly evolving, trying to infect. This theory is not new, but so far it has not been supported by evidence.

The study by researchers at Indiana University is the clearest evidence yet to support the theory.Scientists have genetically altered many copies of a cylindrical species of worms called Caenorhabditis elegans . Thus,   researchers  conceived specimens could reproduce only by sex and a few other examples that could only reproduce by cloning.

Then the researchers exposed worms to a deadly bacterium, studying the effect it has on them.Scientists have discovered that insects could reproduce through sex bacteria managed to survive for more than 20 generations, the when insects resorted to cloning for reproduction soon died.

“This bacterium has become more infectious as they lived with worms, and those who reproduce by cloning could not change their genetic material to become in turn more resistant to it, so they died “said Levi Morran, the researcher who led the team that conducted the study.

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