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Sd Boy Thief Sentenced Hp Two Months Six Days

SD Boy Thief Sentenced HP two Months six Days.

SD boy who is accused of stealing HP sentenced to 2 months 6 days in jail. With this verdict, the 11-year-old boy free because her term equal to the sentence imposed.

Roziyanti judge read out the verdict in PN Pematangsiantar, Wednesday (05/06/2013). Friends accused the 16-year-old was also convicted of similar.
The judge ordered that the defendants be released from prison.

“The second act of the defendant found to have violated Article 363 paragraph 1 of article 4 to e Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 4 of Law No. 3 of 1997 on Juvenile Justice,” said Roziyanti in its decision.

The verdict is lighter than the prosecution charged the defendant three months in prison.

The verdict, prosecutor of Kejari Pematangsiantar Ronald Nainggolan states receive. Lawyers for the two defendants, Tumpal Sinaga, expressed similar ha. But he regretted the judge’s decision.

“It should not judge because mempidana terdakawa underage. Should decisions taken are actions,” Sinaga said after the hearing.

Both of these boys were accused of stealing a mobile phone and a laptop belonging student. The incident occurred around March 2013 last month. They had time to escape, but was eventually caught and imprisoned police officers Pematangsiantar mid-April.

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