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Sexed Then Drugged Then Rocked Then Rolled

Sexed Then Drugged Then Rocked Then Rolled.

If you are a middle aged man in a bar and one of the sexiest women you have ever seen, a 20 something babe with a body that won’t quit, comes up to you an intimates that she has to have sex with you now or she’ll just die–what do you think?  Unless you are a young, handsome millionaire, rock star, or movie  star, I know what you should think.  Watch your wallet!  But while there may be a law against what this “lady” is about to do, there is no law against your being stupid so you have it.

In a story that seems as old as time, the gentlemen goes up to his room or hers and the next thing he knows he is naked and alone and his wallet is gone.  The sex that was promised or intimated never materialized.  He definitely got drugged.  Taking his clothes off was probably not an easy matter.  Perhaps she rocked him for that.  And taking his money and then running is called rolling a guy in some parts.

In the Internet age this scam does at times take on a new twist or two.  Someone claiming to be a twenty year old girl from Bulgaria wants your bod or to have your babies, or she wants to get married or she wants something.  And suddenly a mysterious need for money appears.  Her mother is sick.  She needs a passport.  She has to get training of some sort so she can come to America and get a job and meet you!  Can you send cash in untraceable bills please?

Or there is this weird facebook scam wherein one of your facebook friends tells you they are trapped in jail in a foreign country and if you could just wire them some cash they could bribe their way out of jail.

A weird twist on the traditional sex scam is called “catfishing”.   For normal folks, nothing about “catfishing” sounds normal.  There is no sex.  There is no money.  Often, there is no girl.  Wait a minute.  Come to think of it,  in many Internet sex scams, there is no sex and there is no girl.  There is a 50 year old man over in Bulgaria sending out love letters to idiots and scamming them out of their money.  And this is where the two different scams part company.  People who engage in catfishing never get paid.  It’s often some guy, pretending to be a woman on the interwebs and on the phone having a long, involved, dramatic, sexless relationship with another guy.  Sounds gay to me but those who engage it and those get hooked claim it’s not gay.  Alrighty then.  As best as I can figure it is either about the long term humiliation of another human being or about repressed homosexuality expressing itself in a pseudo, long distance relationship.


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