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Shakira, Hips Changing

Master in managing communication with his privacy, he grew the rumors until now announced her pregnancy.

Shakira is one of those celebrities who know how to manage your privacy with the media, especially how and when to communicate. For years, before coming to his farm at sea, La Colorada, two kilometers from Jose Ignacio, quoted journalists and photographers who, according to the season in question, they would have a few minutes access to the star. At times allowed to see her playing with her dogs away, walk through the garden and rang up some chords on his guitar. Summers were luckier than the Colombian diva chatted with reporters a few minutes. That, in exchange for peace for the rest of your stay in Uruguay. A covenant that, in general, was fulfilled.

Besides cultivating such strategies, Shakira seems resbalarle what is said about his private life. Manages time. Until now there has been a friend of the great media ads. To tell their (expected) break with Antonio de la Rua chose a statement. And to confirm (rather than rumored) relationship with footballer Gerard Pique, who was the star posted a photo on Facebook where they appeared together in celebration of his birthday (curiously fulfilled the same day, February 2, but it is ten years greater, is 35).

Maybe not so strange the way they deal with the rumors that for more than a month claiming she is pregnant, even when they could be driving a pregnancy complicated by toxoplasmosis suffer. Silence, few public appearances while most of the celebrities were shown in the European summer and some compromises were canceling their strategy. Meanwhile, her boyfriend said simply that “it is a private matter” when asked about his possible future fatherhood.

Shakira again applied the same mechanism: take her time. The confirmation of her pregnancy came last Wednesday, just minutes after the Barcelona will win 3-2 at Spartak Moscow, a match in which Piqué had to leave after suffering a sprained left ankle. “As many of you know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby. This time we decided to give priority to this unique moment in our lives and that is why we have decided to postpone the promotional activities for the next few days “he wrote on Twitter and Facebook. That means that suspended its participation last Friday in the iHeartRadio Music Festival, and possibly do the same with other presentations. Piqué retuiteó the news and immediately changed his profile picture on Twitter by a green pacifier.

Anyway, Shakira will not be far from their fans. Christina Aguilera replace as a juror in the fourth season of The Voice, a singing competition which transmits NBC.

PRETTY GIRL. Where Shakira also was happy was the birthday of his father, William Mebarak Chadid celebration that took to record with him there Amores, a video released on September 6 in which both are shown loving and spontaneous. “When Shakira was born I was expecting a boy, but when I saw it, I saw so pretty, so beautiful, I said, I’ll settle for this little girl,” says William there laughing. And he sings is my darling.

This pretty little girl was born in Barranquilla. His father is of Lebanese descent, her mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll, Colombian Catalan and Italian descent. “In two words, I define my daughter, love and sincerity,” says Nidia.

His successful career in eight albums, sold over 70 million copies, its theme Hips Do not Lie was number one in 55 countries, the video of Waka Waka, the official song of the World Cup in South Africa, surpassed the 500 million views YouTube-not made him lose his cool. “No! Alas Are boobies? Kiss each other!” Says Shakira in the video while trying to collect the faces of their parents. “A peck” concedes his mother.

Shakira is aware that his story is the inspiration for many. He says he always dreamed of lofty goals. That is tenacious, persistent, sometimes stubborn. And he explains: “I needed to be because not given me anything.’m A woman from a country that was part of my childhood in the Third World is still poor and marked by civil war and drugs. If you are born in Colombia The possibility of doing something special in your life is quite high. And who is born poor, in general, remains poor all their lives because it is very difficult and expensive to get a proper education. We can not go on like this. Education should be a human right, not a luxury. Anyway, since I was a child I had to fight for my dreams, “he told Caras.

That pride is the popularity it has achieved, both virtual -50 million fans on Facebook and 18 million on Twitter, and most of all real: more than 2 million people attended the concerts of his tour Sale el sol. Its success has been constant, though transited genres as diverse as rock, dance and merengue, inspired by artists ranging from Leonard Cohen to AC / DC and Mercedes Sosa to Skrillex.

His voice, confidence and attitude to venture into new musical directions are key achievements. Also support its position. Da interviews sitting in his Porsche, travels by private jet, he enjoys it and says: “Do not feel guilty for having a dream come true and that as a result, has earned a lot of money. Should be enjoying having worked both “. But, at the same time, work for what he believed to be able to travel that road, education. Through her Barefoot Foundation, provides education to underprivileged children. “It was education that allowed me to achieve this life. If I had not gone to school, if my parents have supported me so sure that today would not fly in a plane and less in a private jet.”

Gone are the eleven years where she looked happy Shakira with Antonio de la Rua. Many of the postcards of those years are like this, pictures on the farm La Colorada, in José Ignacio. Love went to the courts. Last week De la Rua sued the artist. He claims 200 million because, he says, he completely abandoned his career during intercourse to accompany it.

Shakira does not deny it: “The 2010 World Cup changed my life.” There was born the relationship with Gerard Pique, while she was recording the video of Waka Waka. Are officially engaged since February 2011. Just hours before the announcement of the pregnancy he tweeted: “Waking up in the morning with loud music, down to the dining room and see your wife is dancing

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