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A time and a place long forgotten and long ago now remembered in a wold filled with so much anguish.

Shangri-La, you know that place far off in the distance where luxury and ambiance abound. Where the cares of the world all in a world far, far away. Where one feels that tranquil harmony with nature. Where the everyday mundane tasks of survival in a world that has become so hostile necessitates one to remove themselves and find refuge and solace in a world so distant. Where and all the facets of life struggles have melted away. Ah yes, that place known as Shangri-La. If only such a place actually existed. When times get so extreme and one is hopelessly trapped in lives void of fulfilling ones hopes and dreams like so many are suffering through today, like that Lettermen song of so long ago “All I have to do is dream” is the reality in their lives now.

Many are being sucked into that vacuum of despondency. This when our leaders of state continue to surmise that America is on the verge of an economic breakthrough. Likewise the main stream media is clamoring in lockstep right behind our illustrious most benevolent public servants in Washington touting our country is rising like a phoenix out of the economic firestorm that laid waste to a nation. If only they would open their eyes. But, like the three monkeys they have neither the inclination nor the will to bother with the poor, the destitute, and the hungry who are growing in numbers everyday.

For the longest period in our nations history so many middle class Americans have vanished only to succumb to the will of the political chaos that results in having more fall down that ladder of economic mobility and end up in povertyvill USA. Many are reporting the end of the middle America. The demise so quick and decisive has left a gaping hole in our society that may be impossible to fill, yet again. Yes, people the death of the middle class is at hand.

Not since the 1930’s has so many become so destitute. And yet some have managed to actually prosper beyond their wildest imagination. The indignation of people who continue to flourish while so many others lay at the bottom of society gives rise that overall our society really is coming apart. If this scenario continues to play out that warning from N. Korea about the destruction of America is more than a real possibility. The Grim Reaper of Economic calamity will come swooping down and lay waste to a nation that really couldn’t quite come together. A nation that didn’t and wouldn’t implement the necessary reforms that would ensure that events don’t continue to foster economic retardation as they are continuing to do now.

The United States middle class word force has vanished. This contrary to what is constantly being reported. The distortion of facts and figures to sway public opinion continues. This while millions are already being squeezed out of their middle class wage jobs only to end up earning poverty wages at best. So many now are just barely surviving financially. Which so often leads to other heartbreaking tragic events not only in those lives but in lives and livelihoods of others in communities and towns all across America. Little know facts that have remained hidden but recent studies have confirmed that those middle class wage earners have saw their overall wealth plunge by more that 40%. The livelihoods that have become dependent on incomes to sustain tax bases in every community have withered and died on that vine of lost economic opportunity.

As so often I have lamented that years ago the United States was that Sangri-La where hope and opportunity abounded. Where dreams could be fulfilled. Now, the harsh reality of the times I have lived through has deluded and yes, deceived so many that the political will was for their best interests. This only to have those interests serve those who deceived the public at large. When so may continue to be deluded into thinking it really isn’t so bad has resulted in a reality far removed from an America, that Shangri-La I used to know. The United States now has morphed into that tempest, where one is caught and swept into an inferno of desperation and hopelessness.

What can one do to end this scenario? To start, it all comes down to each and every one of us to rally behind a concise plan of direction. One that ensures our society regains the fundamentals that originally brought this country together. The four building blocks of our Republic Democracy: Liberty. Justice, Education , and of course Morality. When we look at the landscape of our times today they really are almost void of each and every one of these four founding principals. The only way to really fill these voids and implement the fundamental principals into our society that will ensure the availability of opportunities which will bring about the revival for all Americans is through the implementation of National Economic Reform and it’s Ten Articles of Confederation. That place so far off in the distance, that Shangri-La of those years ago will now now longer be in our dreams but a real place in our hearts.

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