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Should Children Under The Age of 12 Have Cell Phones?

It is great for parents and children to be in close contact with one another at any given time, but is it appropriate for children under 12 to have cell phones? Especially with whats going on in the world today?

Cell Phones And Your Kids

Child Cell Phone


Cell Phones And Your Kid

I am continually shocked (well not really any more) when I see so many children under the age of 12 carrying and using cell phones on the elementary school play ground and out at the mall and other places in and out of the presence of their parents. 

The evidence is mounting that cell phones may not be safe for children’s use. Be aware  that the thing that separates kids from adults is the fact that their bodies are growing and developing. So, the impact of those radio waves on their bodies, particularly their brains, could be significant.

According to a University of Washington scientist: “70 percent to 80 percent of the energy emitted from the antenna of a mobile phone is absorbed in the head. This expert was particularly concerned about kids using mobiles because their younger skulls — contrary to popular opinion — are thinner and their growing brains may be much more susceptible to radiation exposure”.

So far the develpoment of brain tumours has been ruled out BUT…I don’t believe we can say for sure there are no linked problems related to the use of a cell phone over long periods of time.We Just don’t know.When I place my ear to my own cell phone and it warms up after a few minutes ,even causing pain (so severe I had to stop using it on the same ear regularly) I  think we have to consider conservative use for our growing children.

Beyond the possible physical effects ,what about the psychological,social-emotional effects of excess cell phone use. Our children mimic our behaviors often times. Are we demonstrating polite cell use in public places?  Proper cell phone etiquette includes:

1. Not using phones in at any store while waiting in line or even worse paying for items.
2. No cell phones in any waiting room.
3. No using cell phones when driving - especially with your kids.(I know this one takes practice but,studies show hands or no hands talk really can increase your chances of an accident) 
4. No using cell phones at your child’s school . If you must go to a private location and make it short.

What are the reasons a elememtary child would  need a cell phone?

I am of the opinion that my daughter Does Not Need and will not get a cell phone for quite some time.My reason is simply.She is never in a situation that requires her to check in with me right now. She is to young to go to malls or to the park with out direct adult supervision. Therfore no need. I tell her to call her friends when your at home .  Some reasons a child may need a cell phone are:

  • Alone at home after school
  • Walk home alone with out adult supervision
  • Participates in activities where there is no handy phone  to call you in a pinch?
  • Does your child ride a distance on moving vehicles away from home, such as bikes, roller blades or skateboards?

How do you feel about this? I understand a parents’ concern about the welfare of their child(ren)…but with technology being upgraded everyday, petifiles on the rise and predators constantly stalking young children online, should children under 12 actually have a cell phone? so many ups and downs about this issue.

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  1. AskSan

    On September 25, 2010 at 10:35 am

    You bring up some very good points!!! We’ve always said double digits (as in 10–she’s 7 now and “dying” for one) BUT we’ve also said that usage will be extremely limited such as what you mentioned (walking home from school etc.)

    Thanks for the read and the possible side affects of this too!!!

  2. Sparkesy

    On January 21, 2011 at 7:55 am

    Excellent article. Aside from the potential health risks, there are also other risks for parents who provide these phones to children as outlined in my article.

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