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Social Justice: A Call for Action

This article discusses social justice initiatives.

Social Justice in the United States: A Call for Action

Issues plaguing our nation include an increasing unemployment rate, a recession, a failing educational system, a rising homelessness rate, illiteracy, hunger, poverty, and a rising crime rate to name a few. Never before has our nation been in such a desperate need for a call to action.

Communities throughout our country are struggling to survive, businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. Parents are struggling with bills, money for food, medicine, and clothing for their children. Millions of individuals, women, children, and the elderly are going hungry and homeless on a daily basis.

Austerity measures which will take effect shall a budget not be approved shortly by the U.S. Congress will only result in an increase of all of these figures. Federal appropriations for programs which help the poor and needy will likely be effected by these automatic budget cuts.

The cold winter will take the lives of many. Pneumonia, bronchitis, and hypothermia will be prevalent amongst these groups. Some will freeze to death, some may starve to death. A frightening thought is the fact that children may freeze or starve to death.

There are many non-governmental organizations which provide relief and assistance to the needy. However, not all of those who are in need of assistance know where to turn for assistance. Furthermore, just how easy is it to get this assistance?

When our government fails to respond to the needs of our society, or neglects the best-interest of it’s civilian population, than it is our responsibility as a society to act with a sense of humanity to address the needs of the less fortunate. How do we begin to address these issues?

There is no simple answer, formula, or equation. We can, however, bring attention to some of these issues within our local communities and address these issues. You local church, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen is a good place to start if you are looking to assist the needy. Entities such as these are often seeking donations of money, clothing, food, baby formula, diapers, and toys. Volunteers are welcome as well.

Your community can organize our own collection and dissemination of these items amongst one another within our communities. We can donate our excess goods to organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Goodwill. We can write to our politicians on our local, county, state, and federal levels and demand assistance as tax payers, civilians, and voters.

Social Justice begins at home by being more humane to one another. Social Justice is effective when you help someone in need and attempt to do good deeds for someone who is less fortunate. It is not an ideology, nor is it a religion. It is a concept.

People often associate Justice with the judicial system and the courts. Someone broke the law and they will now face justice. Within the word justice is the word “just” which can be associated with righteous, veracious, and good.

Therefore it would be just, or an act of justice, for us as a society to assist those who seek our assistance. Justice for the poor, malnourished, and impoverished. Justice for the hungry, illiterate, and homeless. Justice for all of those whom are neglected by our society.

It is an insult to the public conscience to have figures and conditions such as these in a sophisticated and developed society. Our nation spends hundreds of billions of revenue on programs which benefit no one. When Issues which address the general welfare and well being of our own countrymen, women, and children arise nobody has seems to have an answer.

There is a solution. Social justice is the solution. Action is the solution. Community involvement is the solution. Humanity is the solution. Caring is a solution.

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